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Dec. 10 or 11th will work for my daughter and myself.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Goatmom & Goatmom daughter
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Default Yippee!

I got my special package from Oregon yesterday! Ooo! Ooo! when can I open it???
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O dear! I work on Sundays and that particular Sunday I won't get home til around 3:30pm.
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My package is finally going out today. My partner's most wanted item was a day late getting here, and then I wrapped it up the way I always do - I wrap in pretty holiday paper, and then cover with tape. UPS refused to take it. They grumbled last year but took it, this year, not. Then my dad surprised me by arriving home from his road trip a few days early, sibling in tow and I didn't get back Monday, worked all day yesterday. So took it home, reboxed, and headed out to mail again this afternoon when I take my Uncle to the airport. Should still get there in plenty of time for opening.
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I'm flexible on the opening day, whatever works for everyone else, is fine by me.
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I'm flexible too. The wait is good. I haven't received mine yet and the one I posted to hasn't commented on here that she received it but tracking says it arrived 12th Nov.. I hope it hasn't been stolen.
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Originally Posted by BrendaK View Post
I am waiting with you Anna. The temptation will not be so hard if the waiting is not long. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Thank you Brenda! Happy Thanksgiving to you too and all the other wonderful quilters on the board. I am grateful for all of you. I really enjoy seeing people's posts and being in swaps.
When the package comes in, I will need to surrender it to my daughters, so they can hide it. The funny part, they do not want to give it to me on opening day. They want to hold onto it till Christmas.
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Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was super.
I am with you m-fay the person I sent to hasn't said anything either so I share your concern.

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Iím open to any day - longer just gives my package time
to get here. We have had a few days of postal strikes this week here in the UK so everything has been held up!
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I received my SS package today, direct from Idaho!! I stashed it where I won't be tempted. I hope!!!
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