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blinds vs curtains in the sewing room

blinds vs curtains in the sewing room

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Thanks. I wondered if a duster might be enough. If I do get blinds I may see if they have ones that attach at the top only and get 2 sets side by side so they aren't so heavy.

Still thinking about the vertical blind option too. I am not a huge fan of the ones that go over patio doors because they tend to 'tangle' but maybe smaller ones wouldn't be so bad.
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I don't like vertical blinds for windows. If you want a double hung window open for air, the vanes cover a portion of the opening. Later in the day, I get a sunlight reflection from next door's windows that is almost blinding. I'm able to partially lower my blinds to prevent the bright light coming in, but still allow the breeze in. I think regular blinds or shades give more control over light and air than curtains do.
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Originally Posted by QuiltE View Post
I would think that would be dependent on your room ... what works BEST for you????
How much sunlight comes into your room? How much privacy you want in the room?

For me ... I get very little direct sunlight in my sewing room, so when I am there, I throw open the curtains on the patio door and windows, so it can be open and bright and so that I can enjoy the view! When I am not there, they are shut to keep any outside eyes from peering in. (and that's not a problem, just a precaution!)
I agree with this reply completely. I have a 12x20 utility building turned sewing playroom and
it only has two small windows. The a/c takes up most of one of those and the other one is
partially blocked by a shelving unit.
I have bright lights on both ends of the room and the walls are a very light color so my
curtains are more decorative than anything.
I also have a door that is five foot wide and I put drapes over it bc I love the color/design
and they are much nicer than looking at a huge door, although I do have something
in front of at least half of it.
Who needs five feet to get in or out of a sewing room. Thankfully not me, lol.
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I like blinds. I have wood blinds and they're easy to dust and very low maintnance
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I'm allergic to dust, so I am definitely a curtain person. For my new, under construction, quilting rooms, I am going to put up semi-sheer curtains like the ones I use in my kitchen. They are off white with pink, blue, green flowers and vinery. They let in plenty of light, without the glare. So I am going to make ones like them with maybe a little different design/color with the flowers etc.

I'll probably start looking for fabric on sale pretty quick. I'll have 5 large windows in one of the rooms and 5 large windows in the second room, and a powder room window to cover. I am so excited. We are finishing the second floor for my quilting rooms. One room will be 25' x 22' and the second room will be 16" x 22'. The smaller room will be for my set-up/design, storage/shelving/cupboards and the larger room will be my work area, with a sewing station, an ironing station, a cutting station, which will also be my layout/sandwiching station and also I'll add more shelving if needed. Did I say I'm excited!

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I Hate blinds but at this time I live in an apartment and the blinds come with the rent so I have blinds pulled up at least 1/2 the way. My 2 cats (here on The Boys) cannot get to the blinds to tear them apart which they would love to do. I've push-pinned old mismatched sheets up for the lower half of the windows so the boys can get behind them and enjoy the sunshine. The Boys go from window to window to catch all the sun's rays every day. Because I live on the ground level, I cannot open the cuttains without lots of prying eyes. They stay shut.

However my preference is always cutains with blackout shades for the southwest side of my house as soon as I get one.
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I put up dark curtains in my quilting room. I have windows on two walls. On the side wall, I keep the curtains open all the time as they face the woods on the northside so I don't get harsh sunlight or heat in that window. But, on the front wall, it faces West and I get the hot afternoon sun in those windows. I open them in the morning when I am working in the quilting room to let in the light, but close them in the early afternoon everyday to keep the bright sun and heat out. I would rather my curtains fade than any fabric that may be laying out on my work tables in the direct afternoon sun. They are on rods with large clip rings so they are easy to take down and put up, so I can toss them in the wash when needed.
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