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  • Does anyone here keep their "stuff" in one space, but sew in another space?

  • Does anyone here keep their "stuff" in one space, but sew in another space?

    Old 02-13-2014, 02:01 PM
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    Default Does anyone here keep their "stuff" in one space, but sew in another space?

    I know, that's a convoluted question.. sorry! I live in a condo and I have the "master" bedroom (which used to be my mom's room before she passed) set up as my sewing space. The only problem is - I absolutely dislike sewing in that room. It's a long, kind of narrow room with windows at one end, which are slightly set off in an alcove. I have bought a new sewing table (which I love - it's the one from Wal-Mart that opens up), new metal storage racks, new plastic bins. Everything is really well organized. But it bothers me to sew in there because I feel "cut off", if that makes any sense. I can't see out the windows when I'm working up there, and even though the room is large enough, it feels claustrophobic to me.

    What I would really love to do (if I can make it work, room setup-wise) is move the sewing table downstairs into my living room. I have a nice wood floor (easy to clean) and two great big windows that look out onto my front deck and the parking lot, and let lots of light into the room. I'll be able to look outside and see what's going on in the great big world (LOL) while I'm working. I'm just worried that I will have to be running up and down the stairs all the time if I forget something I need! I have so much "stuff" up in the sewing room, I could never fit it downstairs (not enough space) so it would have to stay in that bedroom. The sewing table has a little bit of storage for the essentials, and the machine fits underneath; the table can easily be closed up when company comes over, and it would just look like a sideboard.

    Right now I'm just mulling this over and trying to get my thoughts together. And wondering if anyone else has a similar situation that could maybe point out some positives or negatives that I'm missing in my thought process.

    Decisions, decisions!!
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    I would suggest setting up your table and see just how much running you'd do.
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    I would set up in the living room for sewing and upstairs for cutting/storage. With a little organization, you could bring a project down to work on and save the messy parts for upstairs.
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    You'll probably find that keeping just what you need in the immediate sewing area will happen in about 4 trips. Where is your ironing board?
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    Old 02-13-2014, 03:12 PM
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    My stuff is all over the place!
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    Try it and call it an exercise program.
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    Sounds like a lot of running back and forth.... I cut, iron, sew, iron, cut... but on the same token i use my dining table as my 'large' cutting area.. when my regular one in my sewing room is too small or cluttered.. And its quite a bit of hustling around..
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    Originally Posted by lots2do
    Try it and call it an exercise program.

    Hahahaha! that's what I thought!

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    I suspect there would be a bunch of trips at first but eventually you will have everything you need downstairs and the trips would diminish. I understand the desire to feel like part of the world even while sewing. I think it would work out, especially if you enjoy your sewing time more in the new space.
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    toverly, that's exactly what I was thinking about doing. And zozee, that sounds about right too! As far as my ironing board, I set that up when I use it. My living room and kitchen area adjoin downstairs, so I would put the ironing board up in the kitchen.... plenty of plugs in there for the iron. And it would give me the chance to get up and iron, instead of just sitting all the time, which I like.

    Okay lots2do, it's an exercise program! No more gym for me...LOL.

    luvtooQuilt, I generally cut my fabric into "kits" before I start a project, so I don't think I would be doing a lot of cut-as-you-go type work. Even so, if I needed to do that, I could use the kitchen table.

    Keep the ideas and opinions coming, folks!
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