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Originally Posted by petthefabric
The drawers are still empty. I’m thinking pressing and cutting tools. Stabilizer, fusible. On the QB was a hanging template holder. Anyone remember it?
Also, put in fabric dyes and other fabric coloring objects.
I remember a few posts about the hanger but can't find it now.

You may be able to add a magnetic rod to the side of the cart for hanging items. One of the large drawers would hold lots of them if you don't want them out. I use a heavy plastic pocket for notebooks to store rulers/template. Easy to label and just flip through the files.

Similar to these:

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Love your storage chests. Looks like you will be able to stuff a lot of items in them. Great idea.
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Got 2 4x8’ boards covered and in place. Still need a little tweaking. Isn’t space for another so it’s 8ft design wall.
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Looks Great.
I'm getting plans for my sewing room. Everything must be detachable as I live in an apartment so nothing is allowed to be permanent. I won't be able to use the drawer set because of my chair but I do have a 5 ft + dining room table that will go into the bedroom aka sewing room.
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What a great idea. Anxious to hear how they work when you get to using them!
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Awesome cabinets, what is the height of the cutting surface? Was searching for some organizing for the rulers. This thread gives some good ideas ruler organizing. But I think you can use this one to make custom pockets for the side of your cabinets. Holder for my cutting rulers and mat They can be handy and still mostly out of sight, and you can use magnets to attach everything.
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Great ideas
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I also have a tool chest as sewing room furniture. The one I have came from Costco in 2016 or so. I really love it and it is very functional. It is counter height which makes it very comfortable to work on. Your tool chests look very nice in white and they should work very nicely. Harbor Freight carries some more economical tool chests in many colors. They go on sale very often and I would have purchased one there if I hadn’t gotten the one I have.
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I like yours too. I looked at HF. My room is very full. I wanted a particular length, all drawers, wood top and white.

Now that I’m using them, the tools used at the cutting station are becoming obvious to store there; marking, rulers, rotary cutters. The other is the big board for pressing. Also, I do a lot of visual auditioning, so I’m thinking 🤔 more design walls.

Still evolving.
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You can never have too many design walls! And I'm still lusting after your tool chest LOL!

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