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Originally Posted by annthreecats View Post
I can only say I wish I had the stash I see in those pictures. My fabric stash fits in a large plastic tub and it's not quite full, so I'm a little envious.
I agree. When we built this house I designed my studio. Now I just need the cash to fill it!
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well I think the rooms look like they are used a lot and isn't that what they are for? My room is so small my things won't fit in it so my stuff is spread out all over the house but who cares, I say is people come to see me they should not look at the mess. If I clean it than I never can find what I want or need so I leave it where I know where to get it. Thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.
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Wow! I'm impressed with your stash! I'd love to have as much space as you have. I'll bet you enjoy sewing there.
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Originally Posted by KerryK View Post
That would drive me nuts! BUT, if it works for you, it's your room and that is all that counts! You go, Girls!
Sorry those rooms would drive me nuts too. Glad to hear you're getting lots of quilting done though. (Thumbs smilies don't work)

EARTHWALKER You're soooo sweet not to clean and wake up the doggies! Don't we spoil our animals?

BARBM - go to the basement - You'll LoveIt!
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Mine isn't quite there yet - I showed your pics to my husband and told him to stop complaining about how much fabric I have. I was laughing hysterically because of how close to you I'm getting!!!
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I have two small bedrooms with too much stuff (according to my DH) but it is my stuff and it keeps me sane, productive and happy. It is boxed, drawered and labelled so any quilter could walk in there and find what they needed fairly quickly. I've contemplated and even started with giving some of it away but it seems that as soon as I do that, I need it. I've now decided that I will just continue to do what I love and if the day comes when I'm not using it anymore or have no desire to stitch, then I'll clean it all out and give it away (DD says then she'll know that is the day that I need to move into "The Home"!) I have just decided not to feel guilty about any of it and I love having three sewing machines set up ready to go.
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I thought I had a "stash" til I saw your room. Mine is just a "sample" compared to yours. What fun!
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I'm Felix Ungers niece ... I can't stand clutter -drives me batty --My DH always said I could organize a rock pile
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I just got a sewing/craft/office room this summer as my son bought a house and now I have that room all to myself! YEAH! I's getting crowded in there, but I love my space! I try to keep it organized, but that just doesn't seem to happen. Thanks for sharing!
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My space is in my bedroom, I'm looking for an armoire or entertainment center to house my stuff in and a desk for sewing. my son calls me a horder and I just told him these are my "tools" I may not use them today or tomorrow but when I need them I have them handy. Just try and tell a man he has too many screwdrivers. LOL
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