Plastic shoe boxes

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Default Plastic shoe boxes

I have had my fabric sorted by color in plastic shoe boxes for about 20 years. More popular colors (blue, green, red, muslin) go in larger tubs. I stack them up on bookshelves. I rarely buy yardage except for backs, and whenever I do, I hang it on a hanger in the closet of my sewing room. After 20 years, the tops of the plastic boxes have taken on a musty smell. I tried washing them, but it doesn't help. So I am planning to replace them with something. Has this happened to you? And if so, what did you replace them with?
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Interesting. Did you try rinsing them with vinegar or putting them out in the sun? Old cures for mustiness but cheaper than replacing them. I use them also but have not experienced any musty smell.
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Humm.... I have not heard of the plastics becoming musty. I would be checking to be sure that the fabrics did not become wet or damp somehow and they also may need to be washed before being stored again.
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Maybe if you wash them with baking soda and warm water. I have not heard of the boxes getting a musty smell but I guess it can happen. What about the fabric inside of the boxes? Is the musty smell going into the fabrics?
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I've used the same plastic boxes on shelves (a great way of keeping things organized) and never had a musty problem. I agree with Jordan, it's probably the fabric inside the boxes.
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I keep shoes and fabric and many other items in plastic totes and have never had any that smell musty. I keep the silica packages you find when you buy shoes and other items, I then place them in the plastic totes I keep my fabric and other items in. I know a lot of people throw them away but I like to reuse them. I hope you’re able to resolve your issue.
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Default Container store plastic shoe boxes

You can buy a set of 20 shoe boxes from container store online. They are having a “closet sale” right now and they should still be on sale for 20% off. I use them everywhere, including for storing fat quarters and fabrics.
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I got mine from the Dollar store and re-did all my fabrics.
You may have to wash your fabric or at least leave it out in strong sun for awhile to get rid of the smell.


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I have not had my plastic get musty unless something stored in it was musty. I have had plastic get brittle over time though.
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i have larger plastic boxes that I store fabric in on shelves. Many of the boxes are over 25 years old and I've never had a musty smell.
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