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rryder 02-25-2020 12:15 PM

Originally Posted by retiredteacher09 (Post 8363699)
I finally got my squares and strips reorganized. Most of my rolling cart drawers arenít very tall and many of them filled up fast. I will need to start sewing scrappy quilts and pull from those stuffed drawers. I think that will be a good summer project.

Sounds like a plan, Connie!

Today Iíve been working on quilting a UFO and I also started the Helen Godden 2017 quilt along. I got the first block painted and ready for quilting and the second one is traced and ready to be painted. It is so much fun to be able to actually start to work in my studios without having to first rearrange everything. There are still some hot spots in both studio spaces that need work, but nothing like the hot mess I was trying to work in last year.

Iím thinking about setting up a ďtickler fileĒ for my home office as a way to get the stuff off my work surfaces. I tend to leave things out because Iím afraid Iíll forget about them. A ďtickler fileĒ is supposed to be a way to be able to put things out of sight without losing track of them. It works for things that have due dates down the road and also for routine tasks/paperwork that needs to be kept on top of.


JustRetired 02-25-2020 06:21 PM

Rob, I used a tickler file at work for many years! I trained a lot of people on setting one up and using it. It is a great way to track things and keep them timely. PM me if I can answer any questions or help with the set up.

amyjo 03-05-2020 05:39 AM

Boy, all u ladies n gents must be really busy sewing away n have not had time to be on the board lately. I should talk, been busy trying to fill my new containers from Joannís n get my fabric cut into usable lengths. Iím also trying to make kits as I do this. My younger sister will be here again for the weekend n help me reorganize n cut. She is so good at organizing n I make her take print n solid fabric home with her for her stash collection.

retiredteacher09 03-07-2020 12:42 PM

amyjo: Nice to have a sister help you cut and organize. My sister quilts also but we don’t see each other much during the winter.

It’s Spring Break time and I want to spend a lot of time in my sewing area. I sewed a little this morning but decided to organize a few of my ongoing projects. Of course, one thing led to another and now I have a mess to clean up. 🙂.

Teen 03-07-2020 03:49 PM

Amyjo...I wish my sisters lived nearby....my siblings text as a group text all week long and share stuff each other is making. Sisters are all creative so it's fun to see what each creates.

Retiredteach....I finished a quilt and started another but spent time in between to put stuff away, cut up scraps etc. I'm trying to avoid multiple WIP's...lol....I can see this happen to me..

I shredded old paperwork not long needed. Actually, I wheeled the shredder beside my hubbie's recliner and stacked the stuff on his lap. Lol... I think that counts as organizing...:shock:

retiredteacher09 03-07-2020 04:38 PM

Teen: That is organizing and thanks for the reminder to shred the stuff I don’t need. I think I caught up last year so I just need to do one year.

I have been extremely busy with subbing so on the weekends I only want to sew or just relax. Lol!

A niece said they want to come and visit and, of course, see my grandson. My son and her are cousins. So I thought I better get a head start on cleaning because she will just disappear and I know to look for her in my sewing area. She grew up with my MIL sewing and loves creating when she has the time. We have made a few quilts together.

petthefabric 04-09-2020 11:05 AM

This past week, I've been going through sewing stuff we moved here 11 yrs ago and it's still in the boxes. Specifically looking for elastic and bias tape.

Teen 04-09-2020 04:55 PM

Good for you, pet! Today' I cut up face mask debris into usable sized pieces. The pile of scrap was bugging me so production halted for a bit...

retiredteacher09 04-09-2020 05:43 PM

I have been cutting down scraps too and die cutting triangle shaped scraps into useable triangles like finished 2”, 1.5”, etc. Someday, I hope to use them in projects.

Claire123 04-09-2020 10:31 PM

Not too much lately. I need to get back into it. I was on a real roll back in January and February.

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