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Where do you put your sewing machines when you aren't using them? >

Where do you put your sewing machines when you aren't using them?

Where do you put your sewing machines when you aren't using them?

Old 04-16-2020, 10:26 AM
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Default Where do you put your sewing machines when you aren't using them?

How does everyone store their sewing machines when they are not using them? I can't leave them all out, but some are too heavy to put on a bookshelf. Does anyone have any suggestions or photos to share?
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I am probably no the person to ask. I have sewing machines with dust covers on book cases. Several in cases on the floor of my sewing studio. Of course the treadle is a piece of furniture in my studio. I have another one in my living room as a piece of furniture and 2 more in the back bedroom one a piece of furniture and another is always out. There are also 2 more on the floor in their cases and 2 more in a cabinet. They are not ever really in storage containers or closets they have become a part of the decor of the room only because there is no real space to put there anywhere else.
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I keep one machine on top of the counter in my sewing room set to sew, some of my vintage machines in their original cabinets or cases, and some on a shelving unit my husband built for me to display them on.
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I have reduced my machines but currently the Bernina which is supposed to be on top of the sewing table is in the living room under the ironing board to take to the shop. I believe they have "closed for the duration" as we say around here, need to check on that.

Under my sewing table are the vintage heavy Remington and the reasonable weight Singer 301. I dropped the foot pedal on the Remington and really broke it inside! I understand that shop is open by appointment so I'm going to get a new foot. Usually I would just go to the thrift stores and find something, but again -- Goodwill is "closed for the duration". So Remy has been pulled out into basically the main path of my sewing room. The 301 I took over to my neighbor's today, they are going to use it to make masks. I usually use the cases of the vintage machines as a stop for my foot pedal, might have to put something down now -- not sure how I will take the extra leg space.

The cheap portable Brother that doesn't have a case but has a box is usually behind my sewing table, but it is currently set-up on top of the table because working beats non-working! The box is on the corner of the table.

The vintage Pfaff in a cabinet lives in my bedroom as a tv stand. I can get to it fairly easily... just have to take off the old school large tube tv from the top and put it somewhere.

Likewise, when my hubby moved from Michigan to be with me in Seattle, he brought his grandmother's machine, a White or Free I think... anyway, it's in a case that is a lamp stand in the corner under a picture my grandmother painted.

I had more machines... I see really great deals on machines all the time. But I just don't have the space for any now. Well... I mean, I could line up like 10-12 in a row along the wall in the living room but that was easier when my curtains were shorter, but I'm trying really hard to reduce and not give into the temptations. Eventually though I will be getting a treadle. Not sure what in my house will be going out to make that possible but some day it is going to happen.
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I keep two of my "extra" machines each in a rolling duffle bag type of case. Then I can easily roll them into a corner, or under the long arm or desk. They're easy to move around to vacuum behind, or to get at whatever they might block (one sits in front of our front door - which is not a primary entrance, we have three other doors for coming in/out.)
If I decide I'm travelling out to a sewing day, either of them is ready with all the machine needs for sewing in the bag.
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My Janome MC6600P is always up and sits in its table. When not in use - I put a dust cover or it. My embroidery/sewing machine - is also always out and sits on my treadle machine. If I need to use the treadle then I put the embroider machine on my Singer 15-91 which is in its own cabinet. I have a FW which stays in its case when not in use and is stored on the floor between the treadle and 15-91. It's my go-to travel machine. I also have a little EuroPro that is kept in my rolling trolley. It travels well and carries a lot of extras I need. I have a large Tutto rolling trolley for my larger machines if they need to go somewhere or for some reason do need to be put away.

A few years ago I decided if I cannot use a machine on a regular basis it had to go to someone who would use it. So my sister and my niece got my extra FW's and I avoid looking at used sewing machines. (They jump in you car and come home with you iif you aren't careful.)

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I keep mine out with covers. I think your safest option would be to store it in a plastic large tote (with a lid )on the floor.
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I smiled when I read your post. I keep mine wherever I can tuck one in. Bottom of closets, rolling tote, one to my son, in the dining room. I put them wherever they won't be toe stubbers. Everytime DH and I go garage selling or antique hunting, I say, I don't need another sewing machine. Yep there is always one too good to pass up. Since I have 6, I usually find a friend who want's the bargain.
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I was very lucky to get a sewing machine "desk" from mom. The machine is affixed to a shelf that tilts down and machine hangs nearly upside down when not in use. There is a wooden inlay piece that fits into the hole when the machine is upside down. I put a desk blotter on top of this. It takes less than a minute to set the machine up or put away. Only need to un-thread the spool on top.
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The machine I use daily is kept on the sewing desk all the time, the machines in cases are under the 2 counter tops and on top of a dresser, the ones without cases are on top of a counter top, covered with old shirts and such, until I can get around to making covers for them. LOL I'm lucky though, I have a separate sewing room so I can leave things out.
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