If any of you are planning to attend the open retreat in Danville, Ill. at Threads of Time in September I just wanted to let you know that the hours of Sunday the 26th at 3 pm have now been moved to FRIDAY the 24th at 3pm!!! That's right, 2 MORE DAYS TO QUILT!! The new hours are Friday the 24th at 3pm ---Thursday Sept. 30th at 1pm.


CALL with your credit card to reserve your days. Come one or all of the days, spend the night or not, it's up to you.

Towels, sheets and pillows are provided. Bring your own toiletries, projects and machine. The store is open 9-6 each day if you should need to make any purchases or just want to look around.

You may bring your own food and drinks, order in or go out to eat.

We do clean up the kitchens and our work areas when we're done. We also strip the beds and leave the dirty linens in the hallway outside our doors. This just helps keep the cost down.
Speaking of cost, it's $15 per day if you don't spend the night, $35 if you do. I'm hoping to be able to go on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday but I'll just be spending the day there even though I wish I could spend the night. It's so much fun.