Had to post, after seeing how many people were making this quilt!!

I JUST last night, finished cutting 378 sets of different fabrics. Whew. I have a charm pack for assorted 4 sets, and will worry about the onsies, when I get there. This quilt took a LOT of cutting, and a lot of foraging for fabric, even though I thought I had a bunch in my stash. I ended up getting a couple of scrap bags from a great fabric company (online) and I had won a $10 credit from another online company, so I get another scrap bag or two!

My fear on this quilt, was/is the piecing....... I absolutely hate to have to sew one piece at a time. So, so tedious!! After thinking about it, and doing a test baby quilt portion last night, I have decided to use fusible quilting grid to put my quilt together. I plan to lay it out (in 1/4's), and then transfer and fuse. That way, I hope, it will go faster, and I will be less likely to put it in the UFO pile! Will have to be careful though, as the quilters grid is in 1" squares... will have to split the different a "few" times!!

One big positive: I don't have to go the quilt store as much! I have scrap material to make SEVERAL more charm-type quilts!!

Sue in Texas

PS To keep myself organized in color and counting sets: I baggied each color family and used a Sharpie on the outside to keep track of sets. Worked pretty well!! I could tell which fabric color families I needed to dig into my stash to help balance out. Sometimes I had to lay out the little sets to see if I had double-cut the material choices.... but it worked for me. Also kept a paper copy of the progress...how many did I have in each color family and how many MORE did I have to find and cut.