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Post pictures of your Sewing Rooms here for our Sewing Room Gallery

Post pictures of your Sewing Rooms here for our Sewing Room Gallery

Old 07-09-2011, 02:51 PM
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Originally Posted by debp33
Originally Posted by granma1
Deb Are those cubbies purchased that way or did you make them? What are they made out of? TIA
They are shoe cubbies. They have sections you can take out. That's what I did for the one on the left. The ones on the right are with all the dividers in. I think it's probably made out of pressed board, but with a laminate-type finish. I love them!
Thanks for the info , Deb.
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My sewing room.

And no sewing room is complete without a helper!
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Here is the beginnings of my sewing room since we moved in May. it is not done yet, the whole house had to be torn apart top to bottom to get rid of carpets, paint, and we are still putting new flooring in.
Thankfuly all my sewing room is lacking right now is window trim and baseboards. i hate living in a construction zone! Anyway, here is the part I have oraganized so far. There is still a huge closet that I have to paint shelves for and organize for other craft supplies and such. As you can see, I have fallen in love with cubes...they make for a tidy organized space in no time!
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Here is another one that just got posted:
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My quilting room started in a small bedroom, I out grew that and moved into a larger bedroom, then we finished our basement and I moved down there. This is the final move.

Looking in the room from the door

My stash and Opal checking it out

Cutting table
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Originally Posted by granma1
Deb Are those cubbies purchased that way or did you make them? What are they made out of? TIA
You can get those cubbies any number of places. Try IKEA if you are near one, Home Depot has a version, and I got mine at Target. There is a Martha Stewart version, Closet Maid version, etc. Just be sure when you get them that you get what you want all at once because the different brands aren't all exactly the same size.
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You ladies are too neat, creativity needs chaos....
the funny thing is - I always know where everything is until I attempt to clean up-then I can't find a thing. Moosegirl

Work frenzy

Creative time

Thinking room
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This was my Sewing Room when it was new. Right now it looks as though someone choked it and it puked! I just don't get how I manage to go in there and make such a mess! But, I guess you ladies are right, it is a organized mess. I love my new space.

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Love your sewing room. Mine looked like that until I moved everything out to paint it on Saturday(9th). My son-n-law says my house not looks like the sewing room exploded. Husband is installing shelves today (11th). Won't take it long to get back to normal.
Happy sewing.
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Originally Posted by Sophie2
These were taken just before we put the ceiling in. I will take more soon - after I do a little straightening. I hope a lot of pictures will be posted. I love seeing everyones rooms and the different way things are set up.
I have added some "after" pictures.


Books and cutting area

design wall and cutting/pressing area
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