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quiltnut4ever 04-07-2010 02:24 PM

Originally Posted by Grama Lehr

Originally Posted by quiltnut4ever
OMG OMG! I got a package today from my SQA and u wouldn't believe me if I tried! I got the new James Patterson book (my favorite author!!!) titled "Worst Case", a lovely bookmark, an egg shaped notepad and top it all off, A STARBUCKS CARD!!! I got a great card as well and how did my SQA know that I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Starbucks hot chocolate and my favorite author???? THANK YOU THANK YOU MY SQA YOU ARE QUITE AN ANGEL!!!! Here's a pic! btw, I'm off to Starbucks right now! LOL!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Have you ever tried their Zebra Hot coco? ymm-yummm

Zebra hot coco? Now I'm interested!!!!

sandpat 04-07-2010 03:27 PM

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Oh gosh, what a great day! I had a surprize package in the mailbox..DH said, "wow...more chickens!!" (I'm getting the flock in for the funky chicken swap...I told him, yup...I've got several more packages due to come in. But then...I looked at the package and it says..."From your SQA"..!!! Yippee!!!!

Thank you sooo much SQA!! I got some really cute spring fabric, some post its and the cutest light up pen you've ever seen AND a chocolate Easter bunny! And...yes, and...a lovely card. Thank you sooo very much for thinking of me....It just made my day!! :D :D

letsquilt 04-07-2010 04:18 PM

OH!!!I'm so excited, I came home from work tonight and I had another gift from my SQA! It is so pretty, I got the cutest bunny fabric 1 yard,then a great tulip wall hanging kit(my absolute favorite flower and favorite color pink)also a Quiltmaker magazine.There is a bunny wall hanging in it I'm going to use the bunny fabric on,Thank-You sooooooooo much my Angel you are the greatest!!!I love it all. Will post pictures as soon as I can get them loaded onto the computor.

DazzleMe! 04-07-2010 04:59 PM

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First I want to apoligize to my Secret Angel for being so inconsiderate. I am in the process of selling my business and have been ignoring the important people in my life, one of them being the person who has been so kind to me!
I love my book, fabric and angel.
Thank you so much for your thoughfulness! I promise I won't be such a bad Angelee in the future.
Know that I think of you daily! Thank you once again for you kindness!

montanaquilter 04-07-2010 05:14 PM

dazzleme--that looks like fun. love the block of the month and the fabric is just gorgeous!! you are very lucky.

DazzleMe! 04-07-2010 05:18 PM

I can't wait to get some free time to do the block of the month pattern from this book.
My Secret Angel has sent me some really fun patterns to do! When things settle down I will be able to get back to my sewing! Can't wait!!!

brushandthimble 04-07-2010 05:52 PM

Originally Posted by montanaquilter
dazzleme--that looks like fun. love the block of the month and the fabric is just gorgeous!! you are very lucky.

I have to agree, that fabric is just gorgeous! If you don't have a use for it, I can send you my addy :lol:

STAR 04-08-2010 03:32 AM

I really love that pattern!

sandpat 04-08-2010 04:24 AM

Dazzle...that is a cool pattern and gorgeous fabric!!!

JRSAY 04-08-2010 10:01 AM

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Hi Anglee,
What fun to get goodies.
You made me feel even better and brighter than all the sunshin we are now having.
Going to use these in something just for me. Luv the scissor charm. You also are very talented to do special card just for me.

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