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pewa88 11-04-2017 10:07 AM

Sweet as can be. I love the quilting.

RedGarnet222 11-04-2017 10:39 AM

What a lovely quilt. Thanks for sharing a tutorial with us too.

sewmuch 11-04-2017 11:48 AM

Beautiful quilt...:)

Mariposa 11-04-2017 12:03 PM

It's beautimous!! ;) Great use of the candies, and cute dresdens!

Jan in VA 11-04-2017 12:12 PM

Oh, I love it! :thumbup:

sJens 11-04-2017 01:50 PM

Wow, that is beautiful and fantastic quilting.

fred singer 11-04-2017 03:36 PM

:thumbup::thumbup:great quilt

ccthomas 11-04-2017 04:35 PM

Gorgeous Heart Quilt.

Taughtby Grandma 11-04-2017 07:33 PM

I love everything about this quilt!! The bright colors, the pattern and the quilting, great job!

busy fingers 11-04-2017 07:50 PM

Another gorgeous scrappy.

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