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Quilt my grandson and I made in August finally done! >

Quilt my grandson and I made in August finally done!

Quilt my grandson and I made in August finally done!

Old 09-19-2011, 03:02 PM
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While visiting this summer, my grandson learned that his older brother and his wife were expecting their first baby, and that the baby was a boy. He wanted to make a quilt for the baby, so I said, ok, but you have to help.

We went to Walmart to purchase fabrics. I tried to steer him towards the fabric on sale. Of course he didn't like any of them!

He picked out 4 fabrics, all 'matchbox' car prints. We decided to make the quilt two sided, one side a big 4 patch, the other side strips of fabric. I wanted to make a baby size fabric but he wanted it to be BIG so he could use it for a long time. He also picked out thread for piecing and for quilting.

After the two sides were sewn together, we decided to quilt it very simply in squares. My pc quilter was up and just a couple of weeks earlier I finally got the pc quilter and the HQ16 to work together - big learning curve for me and lots of operator error along the way. So we bravely loaded the quilt sandwich on the frame, and started to quilt. The first row quilted beautifully. The second row - not so much. I had an infection and was taking an antibiotic that really made me sick, and I think that I loaded the quilt at a slant.

Grandson and I agreed that the quilting would have to be taken out - by me, of course. By then it was time for him to return to his Mother in Ohio. But before he left we spent some time designing a quilt pattern that consisted of lightning bolts and stars. (We used Microsoft Paint lightning bolts and star.)

I took the squares out and put the lightning bolts and stars in - twice. Ripped it all out because of how unever it was. It seems I hadn't quite mastered the machines! While ripping the stitches out, I slipped with the seam ripper and put small hole in the fabric. Lord knows I was mad at myself for that!

Third attempt at quilting was much better. Only had to pick out a few spots on the quilt and re-quilt them.

After all the quilting was done, I started putting the binding on. I am a terrible hand sewer, and my hands were really hurting, so I stopped 1/2 way through and ripped all the binding out.

Yes, I am a glutton for self punishment!

I figured out how to put the binding on with the sewing machine - after a few visits here to read the tutorials. My method is kind of a mix of the "tuts" on here, and I am very pleased with the results. Corners mitred up very nicely, too, in spite of my inexperience.

Next I had to figure out how to fix the hole I'd made in the quilt. My solution was to take the label (sewn on before quilting) off and replace it over the hole. Worked great!

So now it is done! I'm so happy it's done and that it looks pretty good.

Enjoy the pics!

One side of finished quilt

Other side of finished quilt

Grandson showing off his work
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Old 09-19-2011, 03:13 PM
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What a great team. The quilt is wonderful.
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Old 09-19-2011, 03:16 PM
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It looks great.
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The baby is going to love that his uncle helped make that quilt. It's so sweet. Nice work you two.
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what fun - sure it will be charished
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It looks great.
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Originally posted this in Main, it was moved here, but some of the pics didn't move with it. So here they are.

Grandson with one side of quilt

Quilting shows up well on this, but color is off.

All machine bound - not too bad

Quilt label

Quilting shows up well on this one
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What a wonderful experience for your grandson. And the quilt is great.
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Great job. Sorry it was such a chore but it turned out really well.
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After all that work it truely is a great quilt!!! And the memories made by you and your grandson is priceless!!!
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