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Thread: Watch your eyes Xmas Place mats!

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    Jan 2009
    My boys' school has no classroom funding for this year... so the Pta in all of their creativity (I'm being sarcastic here - it's a long story) and said that the classrooms should make up themed baskets to raffle or auction or something off at the next PTA meeting.... Apparently I am not the only one who thinks this idea is dumber than a bucket of hammers and is not going to bring in much funding for the classrooms but I do want to support the classes so for my older son's class the teacher chose fall/winter holidays. I am the only one who has brought in anything to add to the basket.... I sent in a set of 6 bright place mats (originally started for a swap then I decided they were too horrifically bright for my recipient so I set them aside - good thing since they came in handy!!) and then I made a set of 8 (because that's what ended up coming out of the fabric without scraps oddly enough!) criss cross coasters. I'm also going to be sending in numerous boxes of new Xmas lights once I go up in to the attic and pull them down so I can send them in...

    I ended up liking them A LOT more once I quilted them.. and I made friends with my quilting guide bar. That's a sweet tool!! I'd say I'll make myself a set since they are relatively quick and easy however I have other plans for winter placemats for myself this year...!!

    So watch your eyes!


    The coasters in the middle I made for myself. Funny. Once you have some of your own fabric coasters you want more - in every room so I'm glad I finally got off my butt and made myself something too!!

    and the placemats. . they are double sided - the back side is not nearly as busy - only has the 3 snowmen prints on it but I neglected to get a picture of them before I took them in to the school! Oh! The second picture shows the snowmen fabric at least. It was just one big square and a long skinny rectangle going across the bottom and a smaller rectangle going up along side the square. OKay. I can picture it lol.



    I'm hoping that it will sell for at least what the fabric cost. I'm doubtful that this half baked preschool inspired get the classrooms rich scheme is going to work (the PTA board is composed of 4 preschool teachers and the basket raffle was one of the many things their preschool does to raise some money) This is suppose to be ALL of the money the classrooms will get for the school year. That is just sad. Gotta love budget cuts in education :cry:

    Dang those are some seriously busy place mats! But ya know - maybe someone will love them. I have debated making and sending in something else however I only have so much time ya know? - and I'm not sold on the whole idea (the teacher has said outright to me that the teachers think it is a ridiculous and stupid idea all around... we'll see how it goes. Actually I won't be going to the PTA meeting that they are raffling it off at. I am not joining the PTA this year. Instead of giving them my $5 for them to squander it on overpriced things that the school can probably do without I'm helping to sponsor the school buses so the kids can go on field trips - it costs $80 a bus for the field trip and they don't have money in the budget to pay for the buses so myself and a few friends are chipping in to pay for the buses for the field trips)

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    In the middle of a mess...
    Those are cute and I have that same exact fabric! :)

    Actually, the basket auction thing isn't so dumb.
    We used to do them at my daughters school.
    Can't remember what they called them.
    It brought in a TON of money!
    There were baskets that were auctioned off, then there were other baskets set out where you bought tickets and dropped your ticket into the box in front of the basket. Then after a couple hours, after the auction ended, they drew a ticket out of the box, and whoever had that ticket won the basket. You could buy as many tickets as you wanted. I think you could get 5/$1, or something like that. You could put as many tickets as you wanted in the boxes for the baskets. There were all sorts of themed ones....garden, crafts, cooking, coffee, teas, games, movies, toys, beach....all kinds, they were awesome! They would also have a bake sale to go along with it to make more money.

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    Alturas, CA
    Very colorful, I'm sure someone will buy your basket. It's too bad the PTA waited until the last minute and then was only able to come up with the basket idea. Good for you to support the buses for field trips.

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    Super Member Iluv2quilt's Avatar
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    Jun 2009
    Someone will definitely love them! You made great things for the basket, won't find many of the homemade things in them, you did great!

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    May 2008
    It is quite amazing that people managed to learn anything during the depression years.

    Wonder if the schools had fund-raisers back then? And if so, what was contributed and who was able to buy anything?

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    Cute placemats and coasters :D :D :D
    Wishing you good luck on your baskets!!! :D :D :D

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    SW Iowa
    I like your placemats and coasters. I would buy your basket.

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    Port Angeles, WA
    those are so cute.

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    NW Panhandle Texas
    Yall need to get more parents INVOLVED.
    As for "themed" baskets depending on the school they can either do very well or suck out loud .....
    The first school my kids went to did it and it was soso
    The first school I worked at it was a major hit.....but then it was a higher soceconimic income and some of the baskets were sold for less than what was in them...the parents didnt mind. We also had over 90% parent participation in PTA. We had "elections" on the PTA board and other offices positions.
    The last school I was at uugg we wont even go there.....

    As for my own opionion.....I think the school boards are playing political games with the students.....they are CUTTING teachers and funding for the classrooms BUT they have not, nor will they touch ( really) anything to do with the main office or their compensation.........

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    I think the placemats and coasters are cute!

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    Pine Grove, California
    Our school did the basket fund raising idea quite successfully. But, they did it at the Halloween Carnival where there were LOTS of people around to buy tickets. They were themed just like yours and quite popular.

    Your projects are really nice! I just hope someone appreciate all of your work not to mention expense!

    Just an aside--in our area, all of the schools opted to quit the PTA and form their own Parent Teacher Organizations (now the PTO). That way the money stays at the site and doesn't go off to a national organization.

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