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Thread: virus warning

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    virus warning

    I have been getting virus warnings while on this web site, not everytime but at least once a week or so and I visit the site every day. A mircosoft warning window comes up and says something like web site may not be safe and it tries to start some kind of scan. I have not had this happen on any other site.

    Just wanted to see if the board was aware of any problems.


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    Senior Member Scraps's Avatar
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    It's possible you are getting a fake warning/alert. Sometimes it is from Malware. You can run a FREE Malware scan. Just go to www.freemalware.com - you will be offered to buy, but you can scan for free. I'm sure you will get suggestions from more savay computer people on here, but I used to get warnings on another site I used frequently and it was Malware. A nuisance - isn't it?!?!

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    I got one just the other day, called in hubby, who just alt/cntl/delete to get to the task manager and shut it down. Then I ran a scan with my own virus protection just to be sure. And yes my computer was just fine. I hate those pop ups cause I always think oh do I really have a virus or something??? I am so careful where I go and visit.

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    I'm going to copy/paste PatriceJ's reply to previous posts regarding this:

    it is not a virus. it's a pop-up ad.
    my own theory is that one of the ads being pushed through the space is infected with adware or spyware.
    the techs try to block all pop-ups but this one is particularly annoying and was programmed to elude most defense measures.

    when the invisible ad/spyware tries to install itself, our own anti-virus programs prevent it.
    mine activates the additional step of temporarily blocking all traffic from the website.
    that's why it's necessary to shut down the browser completely to get rid of it.

    therefore, it's a "good-news-bad-news" thing. the ad and having to close and restart the browser is a pain in the butt. on the other hand, that's at least proof that our AV programs are protecting our computers. it's also important to remember that the board itself is not infected with a virus. as long as you have good AV software installed on your computer and keep it up to date there's nothing to worry about.

    if you know how to take a screen-shot, please do that if you get the false AV notice.
    send it by email to [email protected]

    they will appreciate any clues we can provide to track down the source and block it.
    MzzzQuilts aka Ellen

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    I got a virus from the QB had my computer in the shop and picked it up and again another virus and back to shop. I am so tense when I come to the QB. I hope the problem is solved soon. This is the only place I get a warning , I don't go to other site..

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    the QB is not infected by a virus.
    if it was we'd have hundreds or thousands of infection reports.

    the most common source of infection is emails.

    everyone who owns a computer should be vigilant.
    make sure you have good protective software installed.
    it should prevent viruses, spyware, malware, and adware.
    anything less is as bad as having nothing at all.
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    I Quilt, I Nap, I Quilt Some More ... Aaaaah, The Good Life!

    I also have an eddres you can use if you need to contact me with questions or suggestions that relate to our community: [email protected]

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