2015 Fabric Moratorium

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Default 2015 Fabric Moratorium

Welcome to the 2015 Fabric Moratorium.
We have general guidelines, but please just do whatever makes sense for you. Although we call it the "Fabric Moratorium" the main idea is to not add to our stash and hopefully reduce it!
Here are some general guidelines:
* No fabric purchases "just for your stash" from Jan 1 until U.S. Black Friday (11/27/15).
* When you start a new project, shop your stash first. If you don't have anything that will work, then feel free to make a purchase. Hopefully at least some of the fabric for every new project will come from your existing stash.
As the year progresses, post your updates here. We can support and encourage each other, post tips on how you use your stash, and any planned new projects where you shopped your stash!
Let us know about falling off the wagon, everyone enjoys a great excuse to purchase fabric.
Pictures are always wonderful!
As stated these are just guidelines, there are no Moratorium police! Just start using all that gorgeous fabric in your stash, after all, that's what you bought it for!
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Thanks for getting us started on this journey of using what we have. Let's get moving��
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I am in. I do not plan to buy till Thanksgiving week. I bought 50/60 yards Wed before Thanksgiving 2014 when on trip to older son's. I bought a little that week at thrifts like 4 sheets. I am stocked on thread, needles, yarn and backs, not enough batts but may have enough for all can I get done. When you live out in a little town in middle of nowhere in middle of gas/oil field you don't get to where you can buy. Or I sure do not get there often. At 83 I do not drive .
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I'm for this year. Except for a planned purchase of two flat bundles of quilt backs from Marshall's Dry Goods. I was waiting until after the first to use my Christmas money for them. But after that order is placed next week, no more fabric buying "just because". It has to be for a particular project and planned, not spur of the moment. My aim is to use three quarters or more of fabric from my stash for each quilty project.
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I am in...just re-arranging stash and taking inventory ..so I am confident that I have yardage and FQs for 2015. It will be fu to see what we all accomplish. Thank you for beginning this thread.

Judy in Phx, AZ
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Thanks PP for starting the new year off. I'm still in. Last year was pretty successful. Freed up some fabric boards, but did add a lot to the scrap bins. So 2015 will be lots of scraps. Maybe it is some type of karma, but I was gifted an entire bolt of fabric that a friend found in the closet remodeling...and she doesn't sew. So I should be set for backing, even after I make some kind of quilt for her.
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Count me in fellow quilters! Yesterday, I was cleaning a cupboard and found a table topper kit given to me 10 years on a bus tour shop hop. There was 2 pieces of fabrics, one a whole yard batik and 3/4 yd. focus fabric and a pattern. I didn't even remember this kit. It is amazing what I come across when I do some deep cleaning. I worked 40 hrs. and helped on the farm until 3 years ago. Then I got 2 fractures in my lumbar area and needed a hip replacement last year due to an injury 5 years earlier. It is time to organize and use what I have.
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I'm in, I think! No more impulse buying unless I really, really love it. I've missed out on only two fabrics that I've really loved that i can remember so that shouldn't come up too often. I have so many great fabrics that I'd love to use up. Oh, and I'll try to do the same for yarn, as well.
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I am in again for the new year. Each time I go into my sewing room and see all the quilt notebooks filled with ideas plus all my ufo's and the ideas that are still just 'want-to-make's' in my mind...I know I really need to use what I have first if at all possible. Glad that we will all be here to give each support!
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I'm in too! I don't buy much material but I need to make sure donations that are given to me for 2 charity groups actually go out the door to those groups. I like to keep too much of the donations at home to make quilts for them and then I get bogged down with my choices. So this year I need to remind myself to check my stash before I keep any. It all gets where it should go eventually but better in their stash than mine for the time being! Lol

I also have several bins of my late MIL 's stash to use too. Here's a quilt top that I finished last week with her stash for her grandsons's June wedding. I did buy the navy blue.

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