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juliasb 06-05-2021 09:04 AM

Originally Posted by Conchalea (Post 8487841)
I've been absent from the board for an extended time, due to very long rides with my motorcycle group, and I attended my grandson's high school graduation, 9 days after his 2 year college graduation. That one was all virtual. But I found time in between all this to buy some fabric. K & I found a quilt shop in Stephenville, TX, about 40 miles from home! Sadly, she was in closing down mode, but lots of fabric was on sale. We each got FQ's, yardage, & I got some 108" backs & a TX panel to make a square pillow to go with the western quilt I've started. I bought the first fabric for it when Covid shut-down first began & have added to it since moving here.

It is good you are back now with all you have had going on. It will be fun to see what you get done with all the fine fabrics and the panel you bought.

juliasb 06-05-2021 09:09 AM

I was biting at the bit when my sister called me this morning and told me about an estate sale that had everything from a quilting machine to fabrics and frames and book and so much more. Selling what ever will fit in a bag for $5 tomorrow. I had to take a deep breath and remind myself, do I need any of these things? Or do I let common sense? Today common sense rules. No fabrics or other things. My sister bought 2 large containers of buttons and many brand new books. She is very happy with her purchases. Of course this sale is on the sidewalk right next to a LQS. To much temptation for me to even get close. The plan is not to get dressed today.

Conchalea 06-05-2021 10:13 AM

Originally Posted by acheela (Post 8489001)
wow!! I used to live in Síville years ago. I ride as well... moved to Wisconsin a couple years ago.

My paternal g-parents had a farm on the Lingleville Hwy when I was small, then moved to town. My parents met at Tarleton. S-ville is a booming town these days.

ckcowl 06-06-2021 04:36 AM

Well I did it....went on 10 days of vacation and didn’t spend a single cent on quilting. First time in 20+ years we didn’t visit a single shop, it was a very nice vacation, traveling through Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota. Stayed in a cabin in South Dakota took lots of pictures and came home with over $1000 in vacation money- that’s never happened before either. I am ready to load up the next quilt on my stack to be quilted and continue using what I have.

joe'smom 06-06-2021 08:24 AM

Congratulations, ckcowl. That is an amazing milestone.

acheela 06-06-2021 08:56 AM

Originally Posted by Conchalea (Post 8489064)
My paternal g-parents had a farm on the Lingleville Hwy when I was small, then moved to town. My parents met at Tarleton. S-ville is a booming town these days.

Oh my god! I used to live on the lingleville hwy. that house in between Lingleville and Desdemona on the south side of the road. Crazy small world!!

retiredteacher09 06-06-2021 04:55 PM

2 Attachment(s)
happylab: You got a great deal on those scrap bags.

acheela: Very pretty quilt!

juliasb: Good restraint on not checking out the estate sale.

ckcowl: Way to go on saving your money and still enjoying your vacation!

I finished several tops for my church quilting group. They are 60” by 80”. I also donated some fabric to a fundraiser garage sale so the fabric stash is going down a tad. 🙂

Here are 2 of the tops:
First one is a Log Cabin setting. 2” black strips were found in a donation (I needed a minimum of 1.5”) and they were close to the length I needed. The colorful strips were in my 1.5” drawer. A learning lesson: I sewed some that started with dark logs and some that started with light logs. Oops! Oh well! I made the same number of each style and put both styles in the block and it created an interesting design.

In the second picture, the bigger blocks were leftovers from a Wanda quilt by GEDesigns and extra blocks from Accuquilt’s Crazy Quilt die.

WMUTeach 06-07-2021 02:43 AM

Retiredteacher09, Very interesting version of the Log Cabin. I don't think I have ever seen it with the black logs that create floating colored strip "flowers". A creative concept that proves everything old is new again.

rryder 06-07-2021 03:32 AM

Great use of scraps in both, Connie.

oksewglad 06-07-2021 04:03 AM

Oh I really like the Log Cabin, Connie. Kudos to your continued sewing for your church group!

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