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QuiltingVagabond 10-31-2019 03:48 PM

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Here is what I pulled from stash. The floral is 5 yards that I can use for backing, so I changed the fuschia color to the reddish-corals. My aquas are the ones in the middle - they are light but if I am careful in choosing my neutrals I think they will be ok.

joe'smom 10-31-2019 04:50 PM

So pretty, QV! Bonnie made a point of saying stay light with the aqua, so those should be perfect. My aquas are also very light.

Thanks for the link, toverly! Going now to check it out.

Carol in WI 10-31-2019 05:03 PM

I love the colors and plan to join in again, though I may not get started until after the reveal. I always learn a great deal both from Bonnie and all the ladies on this site.

retiredteacher09 10-31-2019 06:07 PM

Hi! I will be following along. I may make some of each clue. However, my priority after Thanksgiving is to start some things for my first grandchild due in February. :)

audsgirl 10-31-2019 09:23 PM

Thanks for starting this thread, toverly. I intend to participate again this year, but I'm not sure if I will stick to Bonnie's color choices. Blue is my favorite color, but for some reason I rarely use it in quilts. There is a lot of it in my stash, so maybe I will use her palette. I do like the addition of the fuchsia. I think I've used that in 2 of her mysteries already, so that may require some shopping!


toverly 11-01-2019 03:01 AM

I did the math like Holly Knight suggested. It is as follows. It's a total of 13 yards which breaks down into: 31% neutrals, 19% navy, 17% purple (so 3 dominate colors for 67% of the quilt). Equal parts of aqua amd green at 11.5% each and a splash of medium blue at 10% ( 3 accent colors for the remaining 33%). I am not a math person but this sure helps me. Hope it helps someone else too.

Battle Axe 11-01-2019 05:50 AM

I'm in too. My stash only needs the raspberry. I'm taking her Smith Mountain Morning class at Shipshewana in about a week. Oh happy day. I've waited about 3 or 4 years to get in. I just missed it last time she was here. So I decided to practice the Smith Mountain Morning. I'll do the 4th one in class and it will be tarnished gold and green. I hope anyone on this board who is taking the class will let me know who they are. I already know two.

Iceblossom 11-01-2019 05:54 AM

I usually don't do things like this much any more but I have all the fabric in my stash... debating going along for the ride or not.

Maybe I'll try convincing one of the ladies in my sewing group that she needs to do this too! She's already doing a block a week thing, along with her quilt guild monthly thing.

Grace creates 11-01-2019 06:10 AM

I do love the look of the mysteries and love quilts that are scrappy. I have never done a mystery, because for some reason I have to wrap my brain around the finished project before I can proceed with any steps. However, it would be a way of thinking differently for me and probably a good learning experience. How time consuming is this quilt on a weekly basis? Also, there is only one quilt store near where I live. How do you all get that scrappy look if you don't have the stash. Many online companies require buying 1yd increments, which I really don't like to always be doing.

Iceblossom 11-01-2019 06:26 AM

You would want to see the directions for cutting I would think before deciding. You can do the project as "planned" if you wish. Checking out the first link was really interesting, the paint chip idea is pretty cool but I really liked seeing her clumps of colors. And we don't have to limit ourselves to her colors, I think that's part of the fun of mystery quilts is seeing what the various people do and their interpretations of the theme.

One way to add fabrics is by precuts, finding a layer cake or fat quarter collection that speaks to you. You never know quite what you are going to get (which for me is part of the fun!) but I've gotten several Scrap Packs from eQuilter, it's a 1 pound bundle of bolt ends, some of which are maybe a bit skewed but never tiny strips.

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