This is something I made up and its a hit in our house....

4 Boiled or grilled chicken breast, cooked and shredded
1 can mexican rotel with cilantro
1 can bushs pinto beans drained and rinced
1/4 block of velveeta cheese diced
Ranch Dressing
Hot sauce
FLour tortilla shells

Boil, grill or bake chicken breast and shred meat. (note: you can use any parts of a chicken we like breast but sometimes use thighs or legs)

Pour rotel into a large saucepan, do not drain the juices from the rotel. Turn buner on Med/Low heat. When rotel starts to warm put in cubes of velveeta. Be sure and stir often so you dont scorch or burn the cheese.

When cheese is halfway melted add in drained and rinsed pinto beans and chicken. Stir often until everything is blended together well.

Warm or toast flour shells to preference and add chicken cheese mixture to center and roll tortilla into a burrito using a slotted spoon to that you do not have too much juice.

Top buritto with ranch dressing and hot sauce.