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illinois....I can't stand kidney beans either, so I puree them. I still get the flavour and fibre etc but you can't tell they are there. They mix right in. I also use beans in tomato sauce, instead of pork and beans and saute sweet peppers with onions and celery to add to the ground beef before adding the chili mix (I like French's) to the ground beef. I also add a couple of tbsp of tomato paste to punch up the flavour of canned tomatoes.

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I don't use meat in mine, but it is still pretty tasty. I like to use chili/enchilada sauce as a base and thicken it with a little garbanzo bean flour. I use all kinds of beans...whatever I have on hand. Our clan likes it spicy, so there's lots of smoked paprika, poblanos, garlic, cumin, etc. I also add just a dash of cinnamon, which seems to bring out all of the flavors.

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I make mine with chicken thighs. I am not a beef or pork eater. Also roast my own Roma's and make my own "tomato" sauce" I think the original recipe came from a Martha Stewart Magazine. I don't use kidney beans in anything...just too big. I put black beans and pintos. I prefer the S&W brand "pinquitos" which are a small pinto bean, but you can't find them everywhere. I tweak the spiciness by the amount of roasted jalepeno that goes in. Its a winner with my family
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I always add a teaspoon or two of cumin, some oregano and parsley, and a chopped green pepper (or a can or two of green chilis). Love chili in winter! Will have to try the ground pork next time.
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You are so right. Everyone makes it differently. I make it differently depending on my mood and what is in the house. I too ofte add homemade salsa for flavor. I have also made green chili and white chili.

My friend adds corn but I don’t like it as an addition.
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I never liked it until my husband made it. He uses beef chunks and pinto beans.
I don't know what else he uses but it's fantastic.
I have to have grated cheese on mine though. Like cheddar or jack, something like that.
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Hunts has a can of tomatoes "for chile". Wonderful seasonings. I used it with venison, and once with cubed sirloin! Better the next day, if it lasts.
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Try adding a piece of diced chorizo sausage for even more flavour.
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I am not big on the tomatoes but I do use a homemade salsa for the diced tomatoes. I also use the kidney beans that I have canned myself and they are ready at the drop of a dime. I like your recipe thanks for sharing.
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