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Does Anyone Use Cornstarch in Cinnamon Rolls?

Does Anyone Use Cornstarch in Cinnamon Rolls?

Old 02-11-2019, 08:07 AM
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Default Does Anyone Use Cornstarch in Cinnamon Rolls?

I am wondering if anyone uses cornstarch as an ingredient in the dough or filling when making cinnamon rolls. I recently ran across some recipes where it was listed as an ingredient. Apparently it makes for a softer, better textured roll when adding it to the dough. I have no idea why one would add it to the filling. From remarks made it seems that the cornstarch acts much as mashed potato would when adding to the dough. Last evening I tried a new recipe for rolls which used instant pudding mix as an ingredient. Could it be that the starch in the pudding mix acted much the same as cornstarch would if added to the recipe? The rolls turned out with great texture and are delicious. Another remark suggested replacing vanilla instant pudding with other flavors such as banana for a variety in taste. I will try this suggestion as well. Just wondering what others use so thought I would ask.
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Old 02-11-2019, 08:40 AM
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I don't know about the cornstarch but for years I had a "Herman" starter, basically a sweet sour dough -- and yes you can use it to make cinnamon rolls. While rolls and such are best the day of baking, the Friendship Bread holds up well for as long as it is around -- which usually isn't long.

The "Amish Friendship Bread" recipe I mostly made with it used pudding mix and I indeed used a variety of flavors. The way I did it, each batch was three of the smaller loaf pans from the dollar store. One stayed home and the other two went to my hubby's work. Both of those recipes are easy to find on searches. Here's basically the one I used for my starter -- although my bread recipe is slightly different.

The starter lived in a heavy duty plastic half gallon bucket from a local specialty ice cream maker on top of my large dishes in the cabinet, it fit perfectly height-wise. I've had to give up baking and it was hard to let my Herman go after all the years of care and attention, but I've adjusted to lack of sweet bread.
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Old 02-11-2019, 06:18 PM
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All the cinnamon roll recipes that I've seen used all purpose or bread flour. I'm surprised that they would add the cornstarch since you are working with a yeast risen dough. Yes adding the instant pudding would act much the same as adding cornstarch. If you are happy with the results that's all that matters.
If you ever want a substitute for cake flour remove 2 tablespoons per cup of all purpose flour and add 2 tablespoons of corn starch per cup.
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I use cornflour as batter for my fried chicken too. I learned how to use cornstarch at America's Test Kitchen cooking class I took in Vermont. Cornflour is a stable in my kitchen.
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I’ve seen a lot of cinnamon roll recipes but never any with cornstarch. You’re probably right about that instead of potato. It would be worth a try.
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I applaud you for making rolls from scratch (used to do this) Cinnamon rolls at our house are made with frozen bread dough these days !
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I had to quit making cinnamon rolls. We would eat a whole sheet cake pan full of them in one day. Is anything more delicious than a fresh baked homemade cinnamon roll?
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Old 02-12-2019, 05:08 PM
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I make cinnamon rolls several times a year but have never heard of using corn starch. I normally use some Greek yogurt and ground flaxseed in mine, plus some wheat flour, and they are nice and moist. Will have to check out the corn starch!
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Old 02-13-2019, 10:12 AM
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I don't like to use any flour but unbleached all purpose except for bread then it's unbleached bread flour. I use King Arthur or Arrowhead Mills flour. Those are easy to find in most stores. I don't use Pillsbury or Gold Metal or store brands unless I have to. I don't use whole wheat or other whole grain flours. I have used almond flour with some good results but it's not worth the price to change unless you are diabetic then it's worth it.
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Never used cornstarch in my Cinnamon roll recipe but I have used potato flakes.
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