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Favourite sandwiches

Favourite sandwiches

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Open faced sandwiches, Scandinavian style. Good quality dark bread, sliced thin, butter spread to all edges. Sliced cheese, thin slices of pork roast, etc. Beautifully garnished. No two on a serving platter are alike.
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Melted tuna and American cheese on whole wheat bread. Open face.
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https://www.schlotzskys.com/ Smoked turkey original on sour dough bread

at home: sliced smoked brisket with onion and mayo

I used to live on South Padre Island. My friend's restaurant served The Valley Delight, grilled with ham, cheese, and avocado. It was delightful!
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We have something in this part of Illinois called a horseshoe sandwich. The gold standard is a hamburger served on toast and smothered in fries and cheese sauce, but there are all kinds of variations. You can put any kind of protein in place of the hamburger; I have seen everything from fish to italian beef, cold cuts, and even fried eggs. Any kind of potato can be used in place of the fries; tater tots, waffle fries, homemade chips, etc, and the true mark of a good horseshoe is how good the cheese sauce is. Some places make it spicy, some add beer, some use fancy cheeses. Some places even add a little bit of chili or another flavored sauce on top. A true indulgence, but amazing to eat.

My favorite regular sandwich is just a lettuce sandwich, when fresh lettuce comes in during the spring. A couple slices of toast or grainy german pumpernickel, spread thin with butter. Add a handful of lettuce fresh from the garden, a sprinkle of salt, and occasionally a smear of mustard. Best treat ever after a long winter.
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Default One of my favorites

Originally Posted by Tartan View Post
I am having a meatloaf sandwich for lunch. It got me thinking of what some of my unusual but tasty sandwiches I like. I enjoy a toasted sardine, a beef tongue sliced thin, bologna and pickle spread, roasted pepper sandwich....what are some of yours?
Most people think this sandwich sounds gross but I LOVE it. Crunchy peanut butter, thick slice of fresh tomato from the garden, and a slab of sliced sweet onion preferably on toasted bread.
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Fried egg sandwiches with sliced dill pickles and mayo.
Tomato and mayo sandwiches
Prosciutto, soft mozzarella cheese, and balsamic vinegar
Tuna salad with chopped sweet pickles, chopped celery and dried cranberries
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Originally Posted by Onebyone View Post
I must be the only person who does not like whole wheat bread. The taste is terrible to me. I like sourdough, French, or plain white bread. I grew up eating homemade bread, store bread was considered not fit to eat. My grandmother called it full of junk that would make you puny. I was married before I bought a loaf of bread at the store and I was afraid to eat it but my husband liked it. I made and still make most of our bread. Now many bakeries have the quality bread with no added junk to make you puny. LOL
I don't like whole wheat anything! Nor do I like sourdough.
Growing up we only ate Italian bread. We used to call white bread "American bread" LOL. Looking back now it seems funny but we weren't that far removed from our immigrant grandparents and of course, their customs.
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