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Parchment Paper and Sew-in Nonwoven Fusible Interfacing

Parchment Paper and Sew-in Nonwoven Fusible Interfacing

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Default Parchment Paper and Sew-in Nonwoven Fusible Interfacing

They looked feel a lot alike on my cutting table.

They are not interchangeable.
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oh oh...
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But how do they taste?
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Yikes! That is something I would do too.
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I'm totally missing something on that heading and responses.Can't make hide nor hair of it...meaning I'm not getting enough on my page to understand what this one is all about.
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I took parchment paper - that I use to line my baking pans with (I have been making a lot of zucchini bread this summer) - down to my cutting table downstairs to trim it to fit my smaller loaf pans. I get more accurate, better fitting pieces when I cut them using an acrylic ruler and rotary cutter instead of just hacking away at the paper with a scissors.

I also had some pellon non-fusible, non-woven interfacing on the table at the time. I just noticed that the color, width, and texture of the two materials seemed somewhat similar.

This was just an observation that I could easily see myself grabbing the wrong stuff i If I was not paying close attention - or distracted - and these items were located close to each other on the table. Which they were.

I am still hopeful that I would notice the difference before actually using either product incorrectly.

By the way, wax paper and parchment paper are not interchangeable, either.

Before I learned to line the baking pans with parchment paper, even though I greased the pans, the loaves did not come out "cleanly". When I bake the zucchini bread using the pans lined with parchment paper, almost all the crust stays on the zucchini bread instead of sticking to the pan.

I do grease the pans with Crisco before lining them with the parchment paper. The reason I do is so that the parchment paper will "stay put" better. And so that the bread will not stick to the corners of the pan.

This was just a post trying to be entertaining.

But - a reminder to pay attention to what one is doing. I was looking for some hydrocortisone cream - and without my glasses on - I am not able to read the labels if the print is small - so just because a container "looks and feels right" for what you think it should be holding - make sure that it is actually what you really want to use/take.

I am beginning to see/understand why people can take the wrong medication. Especially if their vision is staring to fail - and they don't bother to put their glasses on (if glasses still help) - or they are too bleary-eyed to see - or for whatever reason.

Be safe.

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Thanks for the explanation - I thought I might have missed something somewhere. Your fusible must be a heavy one if it looks like parchment paper. My fusible is very light so it would look different. And using a rotary cutter, mat and ruler surest for cutting other. Way back when my son (who is 40) was in elementary school I used an old blade to cut crepe paper for a piņata. Worked very well.

Sandy in Mooresville, NC
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This is a very good observation. And a very good warning.

I also like using parchment paper in the kitchen. But also, on occasion, in the sewing room as a press cloth when I can't find the one I was just using for applique....
Who knows what may end up in my kitchen accidentally.

It's not supposed to be funny, maybe, but it still made me laugh. I have cataracts, and so many things could go so wrong, so easily. It would be very wise for me to pay closer attention. Crisco and cortisone cream....hmmmm

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Yep had a mix-up just the other day--shampooed my hair with conditioner. The containers are the same and who wears their glasses in the shower??

I am finding that I pull out my magnifying 'credit card' more and more often. Over the counter medications are the worst! No wonder there are so many accidental overdoses and drug interactions.
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