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Thread: How do you cook beets?

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    Cut the tops off and lay them aside for another dish. Wash them well. Cut the root area off too. DO NOT PEEL them. Split them in half from top to bottom. NO Foil needed, that steams them.
    Place them cut side down on an oiled baking sheet and just like a potato, roast them at 375 degrees untill fork tender.

    Let them cool a bit and the skin slips right off. Sometimes they are so tender you can even eat the skin.

    Roasting them lets the natural sugar carmelize and this wonderful veggie is perfect with just a little butter S&P.

    They are great in salads or pickled. Love them!

    Please try this method. Love your beets and treat them right. Boiling them just destroys their goodness, you might think they taste great but after you try them roasted you will wonder why you never thought of it before. Yummy in the tummy!
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    Roasted beets are the yummiest! Trim, peel or not, cut up, toss with a little olive oil, dump on a baking sheet and roast in oven (350 is good, or whatever you're using for another item) until just tender (maybe 30-60 minutes, depending on size and temp). They dehydrate slightly, and caramelize a bit, intensifying their sweetness. Can do other veggies--potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, asparagus, cauliflower--the same way and even at the same time; just don't mix the beets together with them or all the veggies will be spotted red! Unless you're using yellow beets, of course, then go ahead and mix together.

    Now I'm off to add fresh beets to my grocery list. yum
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    Our stores usually sell 3 in a bunch. (for $3.98) If they are the size of a tennis ball, they will be done boiling in about 45 minutes. Smaller take less time and larger take more. I leave about 1/2 inch of root and 1/2 inch of stem on top to keep them intact. When soft (prick with fork) to test for doneness. (Friends that see them cooking say "I hate beets." I get them to try a bite size piece and they become beet lovers.) When they are cool to touch, I hold them under cold running water and slide the skin off. I don't waste a LOT of time scrubbing them because I throw the water away. I eat one immediately like an apple. If the greens are healthy looking, I wash the stems and leaves and cut into bite-size pieces for a vegetable or to make Borsch. If not, I just eat them. If stems/greeens good, I might make my Ukranian Grandmother's Recipe for Borscht. When the soup was finished and delicious, she added a whiskey shot glass of vinegar to bring out the color. When the red soup was served one added one's own sour cream, turning it pink. When I make it, I make a big batch and freeze individual containers for ongoing good health.
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    Ater making Harvard beets, (several good recipes on this thread), I add a small can of mandarin oranges. mmmm.

    whenever I try roasted beets, they seem to turn out stringy, dry, and tough. What am I doing wrong? Roasted beets sound so good, but not the way I do them...

    sounds weird, but yummy: I heat my pickled beets to eat as a veggie dish, often dice a pickled beet to add to a green salad.
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