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Scrambled Eggs

Old 01-13-2020, 09:43 AM
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Scrambled eggs should be soft and creamy. Cook on low heat until hot then turn off heat. So many think scrambled eggs are large chunks of egg. The eggs should be beaten not whipped (omelets should be whipped) until the whites are not noticeable in the yokes. Butter adds water to the eggs so use a little olive oil instead and they will cook fluffier.
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Most of the restaurants in my neck of the woods use the 'fry & chop' method for scrambled eggs! You know-, break the yoke, toss on the grill, when dry- chop up & call it scrambled!!! Triple yuk to this method. Hate dry, flat scrambled eggs. I now refuse to order my eggs other than 'over, medium'. At least this way I have a fighting chance of getting a moist egg that hasn't been pounded into submission.
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Old 01-17-2020, 11:32 AM
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I always add a couple of tablespoons of almond cream cheese to my eggs near the end of their cooking. It makes them so velvety and creamy...yummmmm. Regular cream cheese is good too.

~ C
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Originally Posted by ube quilting View Post
This may be an urban legend so I'm gonna continue it by passing it along. It seems some restaurants add a bit of pancake mix to scrambles to make them fluffy. Is it true I don't know but there may be some logic to it when you consider that the mix has baking powder in it and would also make it look like there are more eggs than there actually are. True or not
I've been in and around the restaurant/food business most of my life. I've never seen this done and never heard of it either. I'm not saying it hasn't ever been done or that it won't work. I'm just saying that mainstream restaurants don't and wouldn't do it.
People on special diets would be very upset to find their "scrambled eggs" had been tampered with.
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Old 01-23-2020, 07:24 AM
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Some chains, including IHOP have recently had to add some fine print to their menus because of additives to their eggs and other menu items, it's mostly for the gluten-free people because the additives (flour based mostly) tend to have gluten.

I don't have any Celiac concerns or reactions myself and don't worry about gluten free. But I do like to be conscious of what is in my food and with a vegetarian background and a vegan son, I try to keep aware of things. Like how McDonald's french fries were not vegetarian for decades. Impossible burger at BK is still cooked on the same grills as the meats. And sadly, for those that have severe reactions to gluten, eating out is just not very safe at all. Even if the food themselves are safe, cross-contamination is still possible.
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Scrambled eggs is like quilting. Everyone has their favorite way of making them.

I love eggs anyway but raw. I cook my own and very happy with the outcome.
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add a tablespoon or two of milk ... beat in bowl until completely mixed ..... little dab of butter, Fold while cooking.
Fold, not beat again. salt and pepper , pepper flakes for me.
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I'm game to try this. I usually just use low heat and add nothing but a little water or milk before cooking. Keep stirring to a minimum. They are fluffy enough, but I like to experiment in the kitchen.
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I cannot use milk so I add a little water to my eggs and they come out nice and fluffy. I have heard of adding baking powder but never tried it.
I forgot who mentioned eating out and having problems with gluten. You are sp right. I never eat out anymore because we just don't know.
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OK! I have a question since ya'll are talking eggs. I have a (sorta new) microwave and was told that eggs cannot be put in the thing but then I read of recipes where the put in eggs and cook it in the microwave. So which is it??? Can I or Can I Not?

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