Snowman Biscuits

These adorable snowmen are almost too cute to eat. Made with simple refrigerator biscuits, raisins and pretzel sticks, your kids will be proud of their yummy creations! For a fun twist, paint with powdered sugar icing and decorate with colored sugar.

What You Need

Refrigerated biscuits - 3 biscuits per snowman
Pretzel sticks
Cookie sheet
vanilla frosting (optional, see note*)

Powdered sugar
Colored sugar
Clean Paint brush or basting brush

What You Do

To assemble each snowman, lay 3 biscuits vertically on a cookies sheet. Add raisins for eyes, nose, mouth and buttons. Use the pretzel sticks for arms.

Bake as directed on the biscuit can. *Please ask an adult to supervise using the hot oven*.

Optional: Make an icing out of the powdered sugar and milk. Paint the icing on each snowman, then sprinkle with colored sugar. Enjoy!