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Tortilla Press?

Tortilla Press?

Old 01-19-2020, 04:53 PM
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Default Tortilla Press?

I've made flour tortillas a couple of times in my life. Now I want to make them more often. Has anyone ever used a tortilla press & if so, which one do you recommend? I have an 8" cast iron comal to fry them in so I'm guessing I would need an 8" tortilla press if I decide to buy one. Which do you like best....cast iron or aluminum? Today when I made tortillas, I rolled them out between waxed paper & they were not round & they sort of stuck to the waxed paper. I'm thinking parchment paper would be better to use. Also, they were sort of translucent instead of really white after they were cooked.
I'm looking for a recipe for flour tortillas like the Mission Brand Soft Flour Tortillas that you can buy in the store.
Does anyone have a good recipe like that? I want them soft but not real thick & heavy.
Am I asking for too much?

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Old 01-20-2020, 01:54 AM
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Have you tried this recipe? It has wonderful reviews. Read the first review by LaDonna.

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When I go to restaurants that feature hand made tortillas, they are usually made by hand without a press.

My local market which is also my local large Hispanic grocery store (we have lots of little tiendas too) has several types of tortilla presses, in additional to metal I've seen wood and plastic too. They took it out but they used to have a working tortilla factory in the market, with windows that you could watch through the store into the tortilla section. It was automated, the tortilla version of the Krispy Kreme donut process. With the ability to get fresh tortillas right then, I decided I didn't have to make my own.

If you are sure you want to use the 8" pan, I'd probably just make a 6" tortilla but that's up to you!
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Old 01-20-2020, 07:24 AM
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I have a press, but I don't like it very much. It a metal press and makes the tortillas just a tad too thick. I've tried putting a thin piece of cardboard on it's base to make the tortillas thinner, but didn't work very well. I find that for just a few tortillas, it's easier to just roll out small balls of masa dough between two pieces of parchment paper. Iceblossom is right, if you really want to be authentic then you can pat them between your hands until they are nice and thin. However, I think that takes a bit of practice to perfect.

You can use any kind of heavy pan and cast iron is great. I do mine on my griddle in the center of my stove top. It get's plenty hot and I can do the whole batch at once. Make sure that what ever pan you use, there is room to get your spatula in there to turn them. Of course, you can do what the pros do and just use your fingers, but it gets pretty hot. Have fun and happy eating!

~ C
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I just make any flat bread product by hand. It can get pretty round with practice.
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Try plastic wrap (Saran Wrap) to roll out with rolling pin. It will peel off better. I've had the presses that are sold in Mexico, and they weren't useful for me.
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Default My Tortilla Press

I have recently bought one of these tortilla presses, and I'm happy! Sure, I understand that the authentic Mexican tortillas have to be made by hands, but damn, this press makes this process much easier! I don't really think it will taste worse.
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Old 10-20-2020, 05:10 PM
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Normally it's corn tortillas that are made by hand or a tortilla press. Flour tortillas are rolled out with a rolling pin, occasionally can be stretched out by hand. I have my grandmother's rolling pin. I also have my great grandmother's tortilla press and molcajete (pestle & mortar). I've not ever been able to use the rolling pins with the handles. It throws me off. My grandmother made fresh flour tortillas with every meal. I know the recipe by sight but not actual measurements.
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