windows xp is

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GROAN!!! Bring back the days that things lasted for 30 years without replacement!!!
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Originally Posted by Lisa_wanna_b_quilter View Post
You will still be able to use it. It will just no longer be supported by Windows. No new "fixes" will be released. Your anti-virus/anti-malware software should still protect you. New programs may not run on it, but unless you are doing software upgrades it will not be a problem for a long time.

Don't panic. Do some research. Many of the IT sites are recommending home computers just not worry about it.
thanks! This is exactly what I was going to say. You will no longer get updates and "fixes", you know the ones that can screw up your system and have to be fixed. Unfortunately, for me, I need a new computer and I do not like the new operating systems.
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Most new computer with Windows 8 there is an option to go classic view. I upgrade with each new operating system so the learning curve is simple to adjust to. It's stressful skipping several versions and then trying to relearn. As for a most older software, try selecting run this program in ____ version. That works for a lot of them.
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I too have an embroidery program that will only run on XP. I just bought an old laptop with XP on it for that express purpose. I'm guarding it so that I can use that program on it. It would cost me about $800. for the program now that would run on a newer version of computer. $125 bucks for an old laptop sounded like a bargain and it will hold me for awhile.

In the meantime, my laptop with win7 crashed. I now have Win8. Its not too bad, really. Just works more like your smart phone....lots of swiping, tapping and poking. If you really don't want to go can always go Apple....
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My son and DIL are computer programers so I will have to tell him and see what is what cause I too have xp and I like it.I really do not like changes. Man I just learned how to post pictures yesterday now I will have to learn a new way on a new whatever--I'm going back to bed : )
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stitchit. let me know what your son and dil come up with. i am interested in how i can still have my computer i am use to this. like you i do not like changes. thank you
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No need to panic -- XP will work fine after April. It will be several years before virus protection and firewall programs quit supporting it--just make sure to keep them updated regularly. And if you haven't done so, make sure your XP is updated by Microsoft until April. After April, just do regular back-ups like you are supposed to do anyway and you will probably not experience any problems. Heck, I connected to the internet a few months ago with an old Win98 computer just to see if it would still work. It was slower than molasses, but it did connect. I have an XP I use with my embroidery machine and to run a few programs I like that would not run on Win7.
Many companies still use XP, so it's not going away any time soon. Actually some folks think a third part company might pick up doing updates, but I haven't heard anything firm about that.
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I got so fed up with Windows and all the Microsoft applications that I bought a MAC. I've had it for about five years now and just love it. Yes, it was more expensive but a lot of stuff comes with it and they aren't constantly hammering you with changes and upgrades.
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One thank you for the MAC answer just above me.....I haven't done too well learning XP that I have, don't even know what it is, so changing over to a MAC might not be so bad. I have been trying for years to get someone to give or fix a computer for me so I can use my Designer I program on a HV that I bought used, and still don't know how to use (maybe four years now)......No luck. But I am going to beat this yet. You watch and see.....
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Originally Posted by hamchips88 View Post
oh! and they say not to use xp cause it will not be protecting your computer anymore from viruses or anything
I purchased a new computer a few weeks ago. Had XP on my old one. My local tech/sales person told me that as of April 2014 XP would be retired and Windows would no longer keep anti virus programs current for it. He also said that a person could still run the XP, but attackers would be out looking for those of us who still ran it, because we would be easy targets. Just passing on what I was told.
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