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December Weight Loss Adventure with a Prize!!!! >

December Weight Loss Adventure with a Prize!!!!

December Weight Loss Adventure with a Prize!!!!

Old 12-20-2013, 10:26 AM
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Well the more I have read here the happier I am because, praise be to the Lord, I am sticking to my plan! the exercise is still being worked on as a habit, but I am down another pound this week. had a couple of bad days eating the cookies on counter at 1 in the morning, but controlled the amount of intake, that was Tuesday. so that is a total of seven so far this month. Oh I want those batiks. Over Christmas will be a bit harder because we are on vacation down south. Eating habits need to be maintained for sure. Will get lots of exercise by the walking and touring. No sewing so will be up moving and two swimming pools to indulge in pool exercise. yep, those batiks are mine this time. I am claiming them. Motivation motivation motivation.
Now that I am over myself there, here are some photos of my completions for the week. the last of them went in the mail today and will be there before Christmas. I am thrilled with them. Thank you ladies for the encouragement. I did get the pillow case done on Wednesday, but did not photo yet so will when she opens it. She is going to love the men. the tutorials were helpful. I appreciate the input. I know, they are easy but still, i am slow.
The GFG and SBS were done for a customer with custom quilting. They are so pretty and each took about 10 hours to do. Just thought to share.
The dress quilt is for my niece. All from my stash except the pink background. IT is so cute. did custom quilting on it which took more time, but so worth the result.
The skirt is the fourth I have done so far this month. Wonderful pattern from the wedge ruler. Love the fabrics in this one.
The Christmas quilt is from the block exchange. All the other fabric is from my stash, including the backing. I loved the back of the quilt so much. I have it perfectly centered, wow to me. I am glad, not always easy to square up your backs likethat, plus floated my quilt on the frame to quilt it. Quilted iwth a loopy meander and used signatured candy cane thread.
The embroidery designs are from Embroidery Library. Love the harley santa and mrs, but three hours each and 30 thread color changes. I was starting to go mad. Had to quit one night because I could not see to thread the needle. I need to learn a bit more on stabilizers but will work for now.
No more chicken here, I get the whole weekend without any kids home and just me and hubby. Going to be fun. No, not even sewing, at least I think, machine is going in for its annual cleaning. It needs it for sure.
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Old 12-20-2013, 10:32 AM
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Default Friday frantics

Here is some information for you on the holiday parties:
If you are a guest at a dinner party or other gathering, consider these tips to keep your night healthy, happy and safe:
  • If you plan on treating yourself later, start your day with a small meal that includes whole grains, fruit, low-fat or fat-free dairy and protein, such as eggs, ham or peanut butter.
  • Don't starve yourself beforehand. Rather, eat a small, lower-calorie meal or snack including fruit or a bagel so you aren't tempted to overdo your calorie intake for the day.
  • Choose carefully between foods you definitely will eat, those you will sample and those you will skip.
  • Don't rush to eat. Socialize and settle into the festivities before you eat.
  • Move your socializing away from the buffet or appetizer trays. This will minimize the unconscious nibbling.
When it comes to drinking alcohol, start with a calorie-free, nonalcoholic beverage. Satisfy your thirst before having an alcoholic drink. Moderate alcohol consumption is defined as up to one drink per day for women and up to two drinks for men.
Keep in mind, even a single drink will affect your reflexes for several hours. If you plan to drink, keep your holidays merry for everyone by designating a driver who won't be drinking.
The holidays are a great time for celebrating with friends and family over food and drinks. With just a little preparation, you can keep off the extra holiday pounds and still enjoy all that the season has to offer.

Plus, drink lots of water that has been mentioned so many times before. This does help decrease the intake of the yummy goodies. Drink a glass of water before going to the break room where the goods are kept. I can say this because I have a container of chocolate sitting in front of me all day. I just keep the water pumping so the tummy full. Sometimes it calls to me so I get on this thread and read or find something to occupy my hands and mind so I can overcome the temptation. You can do it girls.
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Old 12-20-2013, 10:39 AM
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Glad it was nothing to the extra extreme QuiltedCello. Have fun with the little ones.
That is an adorable little one littlebitoheaven. She looks really happy with her treasure.
Pat that pin cushion is so wonderful! You need to make one for each of us.
Wonderful santa Teddybear lady. Love your sweet smile there.
Ouch musicaljan. That has got to hurt to the max. Yep, a heavy hammer can do some damage apparently! Wow, be sure he is icing when home and elevating it so he can move. It seems odd that they can't do anything for the extra toes. They are so important for our balance. take care of him while he is home.
It is ok lauriejo, I will be glad to take possession of the batiks this month for ya. I promise to take real good care of them. I am the stinker today aren't I.
Meanmom, hang in there girl, you can do it.
thanks for the encouragement createfourpaws. So glad you let me be part of this thread. I truly enjoy it.
I should be back on again, seeing how I will have time this weekend to have fun on computer, but in the duration, everyone have fun, think positive, and have a wonderful weekend/holiday season.
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Old 12-20-2013, 12:12 PM
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Excitement - I have lost the most I've ever lost - 46 lbs. A new high for me! It's been so s l o w coming off that hardly anyone really notices! I'm working hard to lose 4 more pounds so i can say I've lost 50!

My kids are having a star wars marathon over the weekend with some friends, so I've been busy cleaning my house. I should have people over more often - lol. I get LOTs cleaned up when people come over! My house is reallly big so there's lots to clean.

Just wanted to share my good news weight loss!
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Old 12-20-2013, 01:47 PM
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I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. My work place is closed all of next week and I do not have internet at home. May you all be safe and have a blessed holiday.
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Old 12-20-2013, 01:52 PM
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Congratulations of musicaljan and to all of you who are doing so well on your diets and exercise. What a great group you are. Still happy and supportive even when things are going wrong (like broken toes). Keep the smiles coming and keep sharing all of your wonderful projects. It is so much fun doing this. It is better than Facebook. I love all of the personal replies.
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Old 12-20-2013, 02:22 PM
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Nephew and I are actually heading out this weekend, a friend is in the area with his kids, so we're meeting up for some fun at a indoor zoo, wear the kids out Eating junk but running around. Hopefully weight doesn't go too high up.
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Old 12-21-2013, 06:40 AM
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Good morning ladies. I know the next week will be a challenge for most of us with all the goodies that may be around. I have not done any baking this year or candy making. Too much has been going on.

I am finishing up the binding on a t-shirt quilt today. Then will start on his next one. Thought that would be the final shirts for him, then I found the bag that had is other shirts in it. I forgot he gave me over 60 shirts to put into quilts. I will post a picture of the one I am finishing once I get it done. I have the next set ready to be cut down, has the stablizer on them already.

Then there is the over under quilt on the design wall, which is for the same person to finish.

Since my son came to town last weekend, not going to be doing much for CHristmas. will most likely be doing some sewing and quilting. Finishing up these projects and starting new ones.
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Old 12-21-2013, 07:33 AM
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My daughter flies in from France tonight. The plan was to pick her up at her friend's house early tomorrow morning and then head to Des Moines for my family's Christmas get together. Now they are talking about canceling because of a storm coming through. I don't want to drive in nasty weather but I already bought 5 lbs of cheese to take and made up a big gorgeous platter of my Christmas goodies. I hate it when the weather doesn't cooperate.
After 40 nights of sleeping in the guest room, I finally got to sleep in my own bed last night. What a difference a good night's sleep makes! The bathroom still needs glass in the shower walls and the vanity tops/sinks but the rest of the bathroom is usable. My favorite part so far is the heated tile floors.
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Old 12-21-2013, 10:08 AM
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46 lbs is quite an accomplishment Musicaljan! Good for you! What great motivation to reach 50!

Nothing like sleeping in your own bed, Pam! Hope your weather cooperates. It's raining here today & all of the snow is gone.

My shopping is done, most of the wrapping is done, cards are in the mail & my daughter arrived from CA last night after finishing up her finals & getting her business degree! We are making Buckeyes today. I don't have much trouble staying out of the sweets- it's the salty stuff I love.
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