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I did - got the trays and goop from the dentist. Made a huge difference. I have not had any problems with more cavities.
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Great article on teeth whitening methods and the differences.

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I have to go every 6 months for a cleaning -part of my after care from my transplant and when I suggested using an otc treatment for in between appts he kinda hit the ceiling-- just because the ads on TV say dentist approve these things does not make it true. They create more problems to your teeth and gums. And they can alter any prescribed medicines that we have to use. So check with your dentist-your family doctor and even your pharmacist for interaction problems with these treatments before using them. Be safe not sorry--
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As an adult I have always gone every four months for cleanings and check up, my kids went three times a year and every two months when they had braces. When growing up I wasn't taken to the dentist and it caused a lot of dental problems for me later on. I made sure my kids knew the importance of good dental care and that it isn't a luxury, it is a necessity for health. Now that I have the implants my dentist visits are once a year!
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i'm afraid to use them. I have some implants, and they won't whiten. they match my other teeth, so I won't do it for that reason. My dentist said I had too many teeth for my mouth, meaning my mouth was small. when I got my braces, I had 4 first bicuspids removed and 4 wisdom teeth. Now everything fits.
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Originally Posted by BETTY62 View Post
a teeth whitener and did it work? If so, what brand?
As a Dental Hygienist, I have seen my patients get good results from a variety of OTC whiteners. There are 2 main things to be aware of before deciding to whiten your teeth:
- any existing 'white' restorations you have will not whiten further and neither will crowns or veneers, so if you have any of these that show when you smile - they would have to be replaced afterwards to match the new shade of whiteness of your natural enamel
- all whitening products increase tooth sensitivity, so if you suffer from this - expect it to worsen after whitening. You can reduce sensitivity by putting a desensitizing toothpaste in trays and wearing them for an hour or two.

Tooth whitening, like most things in life, is best done in moderation.
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I had it done by the dentist years ago using the trays and gel. Had to sleep with them for 2 weeks. Fantastic results.

Lately I tried Crest Premium and saw very little results. The only bonus is that Crest will refund your money if not satisfied.

If you think about it using the dentists method with the gel on your teeth for 8 hours a treatment for 14 days would obviously be more effective than 1/2 hour a day. I wish for miracles.
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The new whitening procedures by dentist have improved passed the sleeping with trays. My dentist uses lasers.
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I've had a dental hygienist tell me that you should not do this to your teeth.
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Onebyone and anyone else: would love to have more information on permanent implants. How long a process, cost, etc. Have seen ads locally and will be asking dentist on my next visit.
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