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How do you clean your iron?

How do you clean your iron?

Old 01-15-2016, 10:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Wholeheart Mom View Post
I never heard of dryer sheets.... do you use them fresh or after they come out of the dryer? Do you just run a hot iron over them?
Used ones since the surface is a bit rougher for more friction and I still get the benefit of having them first for a dryer load of laundry. And, yes, a hot, dry iron back and forth (or scrubbed around) on top of it.

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I use fragrance-free dryer sheets to clean off any fusible (new ones because it's the fabric softener that loosens up the fusible). I can usually remove the starch with just a wet washcloth while the iron is still warm (need to fold it a number of times so your fingers don't get too close to the hot sole plate). My current iron has an anti-calc feature to prevent white calcium build-up in the steam holes & also has a self-clean button. On my previous iron, I used Whink Steam Iron Cleaner.

I'm trying to be better about caring for my irons by using parchment paper or a pressing cloth to keep the fusible from getting on my iron. I also now usually let the spray starch seep into the fabric for a bit before ironing/pressing (and yes, I usually spray starch one side & iron the other side -- if it needs more starch, once I've finished one side, I'll repeat on the reverse).
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My Mom always ran her iron over wax paper. I've done it myself. Dryer sheets are great too.
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I use Magic Eraser and have not noticed any issues with the fabric, unlike a dirty iron which definitely messes up my fabric. I also use the small tube iron cleaners but do not care for the odor they seem to create.

Originally Posted by Wholeheart Mom View Post
Even though I have a non-stick iron, it gets starch residue and gunky buildup all the time. I heard about using a Magic Eraser to clean it, and wow... it worked really well, but I don't know if the chemicals will pass from the iron to the fabric and cause problems. What iron-cleaning method works well for you?
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There is good instruction on Nancy Notion about cleaning irons.
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Originally Posted by Jeanne S View Post
I do the spray/flip method. But more important than that is to let the fabric rest for at least 5 minutes or so after spraying to let the starch soak into the fabric fibers. No more starch flaking and much less build up on the iron!!!
The best cleaner is to not allow a build up. Jeanne S is spot on.
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No had some very stubborn stuff on my iron. Nothing worked until I used Barkeepers friend. Worked like a charm.
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I use Faultless. It's quick and easy. Put a little on an old bath towel and then run your iron over it until clean.

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I use spray starch when ironing my quilt pieces ( the spray and flip method) . I also use fuse able web both make my non stick sole plate a mess. I try to keep it cleaned off with running it over a wet towel after I am done ironing and the iron is still warm. Some times to get the mess off the sole of the iron I have to use a little Vinegar on the wet towel. But that Smells really bad. I sure would not use Mr. clean eraser or SOS, This will scratch the Iron sole plate. Irons like these have a coating on the bottom.
I am going to try the dryer sheets. I will sure watch at Wal-Mart for a $6.00 iron sale.
Doing a lot of sewing and crafting sure messes up a iron.
I try to keep a extra Iron for pressing dress clothes and not use it for my crafts.
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I use a magic erasure but I seldom have to use it. I starch a lot but always let my fabric rest after I spray it for the starch to soak into the fibers. No flakes or mess on my iron. I roll it up and put it in a plastic bag like we used to do when we sprinkled clothes. Sometimes a while before I get back to it. I use liquid starch that I dilute in a spray bottle. I use a dish pan to spray into to keep the overspray contained.
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