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How do I fix curved pieces strips?! >

How do I fix curved pieces strips?!

How do I fix curved pieces strips?!

Old 08-12-2020, 12:40 PM
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Default How do I fix curved pieces strips?!

Help! Iím new to quilting and Iíve been attempting a friendship braid quilt. Iíve just finished sewing my long strips but some are curving! Is this something I can fix when I sew them all together or do I need to like rip them all apart and start again? I was careful to press and not iron the pieces as I sewed them together, but clearly I failed somewhere. All advice is greatly appreciated!!
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Old 08-12-2020, 01:28 PM
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I like to lay them out as straight as I can on the ironing board, spritz them with some starch, let it rest for a minute and absorb, then press, making sure they stay straight.
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I think one of the things you should do (if I understand what you wrote) is sew every other strip on from the opposite end. That is, sew the first two strips together starting at one end then add the next strip but start the sewing from the opposite end that you did the first two. I can only hope this makes some sense to you and even answers your question. If not, you will get other replies that may be better and make more sense. Oh and welcome to the Wonderful World of Quilting!
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Welcome to this board.

Be sure to even up your cuts every so many strips. A book that has directions for cutting strips would be very helpful.
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I think you are saying that you are sewing strips together and they end up looking like a "smile" when you iron them?

they say that has to do with the angle from pushing the iron. we rarely iron directly outward or laterally, but more in a diagonal motion. I guess this contributes to the curve. when I want to be super precise about my strips, i will take my longest ruler and use the straight edge to guide to give it a good finger press. then, I will carefully iron it in place. sometimes you can massage it back in place it its a little bit off, but it's best to prevent it.
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Welcome to the Board! I had to look up the quilt. It is very pretty.
How big are you planning to make it? An entire quilt or a wall hanging?
Can you post a picture of what you've done so far? I don't know how this quilt is put together, so I can't help you that way.
If your fabric was not straight of grain when you cut it, you may have had a bow in your strips to begin with and therefore your strips would in turn, not stay straight when sewn together.
If you have to sew long strips together into strip sets, try sewing two strips together into sets at a time, then sew those two to another two and those four to another four until you've got what you need. If you just sew long strips 1 after the other, they do tend to go wonky.
I don't think taking it apart is going to help, myself.
I would do as others suggested, but get yourself a yardstick and spray starch and spray what you want straight, let sit 30 seconds and then push it up straight against the yardstick. Don't pull the length, just make it behave against the yardstick length. Remove the yardstick and press it carefully to keep this straight edge.
Also, when you put your sashing between the braids, that will help some.
I really think a picture might help, if you can swing it.

Good luck and let us know!

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Watch Donna Jordan on youtube and she shows how she keeps the the curve at bay with a straight edge you can buy at Lowe's or hardware store. Mine was $8 for a 4 ft one.
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