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Casket cover quilt vs. casket flowers

Casket cover quilt vs. casket flowers

Old 11-07-2019, 03:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Lacelady View Post
My dad insisted that we spend as little as possible on his funeral - he had a strong opinion on the kind of profits funeral directors seemed to want. He even wanted us to find him a cardboard coffin, since he was going to be cremated, but they don't seem to be available in Ireland. In the end, each of us carried a single rose, and we draped his coffin in a quilt I had made him, of the White Ensign ( UK Royal Naval flag). I don't think the crematorium had seen anything like our dad's. He wasn't religious, so we didn't have a priest, we did our own thing, reminiscing on various aspects of his life, including landing on one of the D Day beaches in France. I noticed that all of the staff who had carried dad into the chapel for us stayed at the back to listen, and afterwards, one who gave me back his quilt, was kind enough to say that if it weren't for people like my dad, Ireland might have not been able to stay neutral during WW2.

It was a very kind thing to say, and I really appreciated it.
To me that is what a funeral should be, a celebration of his life.
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Originally Posted by earthwalker View Post
Cool idea and a very interesting thread. Personally I would like to be composted, but as this is unlikely and most probably illegal...the next best thing is donate my body to medical science. If my husband outlives me, he is just as likely to waste buckets of money and trash the environment with a "traditional" burial, complete with all the stonework etc. We have discussed this topic...but he just can't get his head around my idea.
I have this discussion with my children periodically ( I don't want them to forget). If you want to send flowers, do it now so I can enjoy them. I have just recently thought about donating my body to the medical school. I have seen some major restrictions to the state of the body before they will accept it. May have to do some more research about that. I have always maintained that you don't need the body to have a funeral or memorial service. Composting sounds like a great idea. Second best is a thing called bio urn that allows you to use the ashes to support plant growth.
When my husband died we requested no flowers and asked that people use that money to donate to the library, their church, the boy scouts. . . People listened and we got a very nice letter from the local library about the donation. Wish I had thought about a quilt especially for the occasion.

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"At another funeral this past spring, the lady had been working on a quilt, with one block left to finish. They had the quilt at the funeral, and the one last block in her hand in the coffin. Since then her DIL completed the quilt for her. Then her husband (son of) decided it HAD to be shown at the Fair, just as Mom always would have done so. And so it was, winning a ribbon!! What a beautiful story, and perfect ending!! "

What a lovely story, QuiltE. I'll bet the lady who started the quilt was smiling down from heaven.
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I have my quilt made that will be over my casket, Yes flowers are an expense my family doesn't need. When my DH passed I had them make a small spray of flowers for his casket and it was just as nice as those huge ones they usually make.
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I have done this twice. The first time a friend asked me to make 2 identical lap quilts so that when they took one home from the nursing home to be washed there was the other one there since mom loved her quilt and did not want to be without it. When she died one of the two quilts was used on her casket. After the funeral her two daughters each had one quilt a piece to remember mom.
The second one I did was for my beloved Aunt Mary. She had me make her a queen size quilt that each block was a Bible theme. When she died we used this quilt on her casket. She would have loved this. I now have the quilt at home and DH sleeps under it as I type.
Needless to say I think this is a great thing to do. I only hope when my times comes my family will choose to do the same thing. They have a lot to choose from.

I made these quilts for use while alive knowing they may be used this way in death. Now my friend and I both have warm memories every day.
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Old 06-17-2021, 10:17 AM
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Default Idea to share

I have enjoyed and felt touched by all the stories. I think this would make a good Quilt Guild Program (some may think it morbid though). I would like to share some of the stories and ideas to inspire others to think about this while we still have time and talent to create something or at least make our wishes known. I have mentioned what do you want to happen to your stash after your gone, and others thought is was morbid to talk about it, why? Fact of life and your loved ones will have to deal with it, can you imagine the mumbling by those who are going through all your craft stuff? Especially, 'how much money was spent on on all this...?'
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Now with so many cremations, it would be nice to just put one under the urn. I'm adding that to my funeral instructions.
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My body will be donated to an anthropological research center at a local university, it will cost my family absolutely nothing and I'm actually very excited about it, my bones will be a permanent part of their osteological record and students will study them!

I'm not big on funerals or services but I have told my family that a casual service, where there is lots of food and drink and everyone wears something comfy sounds lovely and very appropriate for me, it might be cool if they displayed some of my quilts.
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I think flowers at a funeral home are a total waste of money. Donate to charity. Or if the family is in financial bind, donate to them. I won’t have a funeral. I will be cremated. My family will scatter my ashes on the university campus from where I graduated. My college years shaped into who I am today. And yes, my family knows what I want.
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I made one, but used it on my brothers casket. It was such a comforting feeling when I covered him with it. I felt like I was tucking him in at night, as I had done so many times when he was a baby. I sent it with him. Now I have made one and in the progress of making another cross quilt for mine. I too think flowers on the casket are a terrible waste of money. I would rather my family throw a party.
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