In a bad slump

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I find taking a class to make something new gets me motivated and gets me to socializing with other people. I also made a wall of UFOs that is a reminder if I ever feel the need to be productive, I can pick one of those UFOs to do. For example, I just got the binding on a quilt I started twenty years ago! Itís going to feel great completing it!
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I think we all have had periods of time where we felt like we were in a slump. Me included. Think of it as a plateau, where you are assessing what you have done and where you want to go now. Make a new plan as to the direction you want to go. Maybe start out slow with a sewing room cleaning and straightening up. Finding anything that gets your attention. No matter how small. I like just looking at my fabric. Itís like the key that starts the engine.
Good luck
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Been there and done that. I stopped for a couple years not that many years ago. It took the discovery of a new tool to use in quilting to get my mojo back. Back then it was something very simple. My mid arm machine went down and I just lost interest. Heck I even left here for longer than that!
Pulling out all my fabrics, refolding and sorting them got me going. I am ready for another "stash bash" this winter and my sister is going to assist it will be a load of fun.
COVID has slowed me down a great deal but I am staying on top of posting even if I am sewing and quilting less. Right now I am making many blocks and not sure where they will end up. But am still going much slower than I use to be able to do.
Also joining a Block of the Month, Quilt a Long or a Mystery quilt could help you get your mojo back since it is not a huge commitment. Choose one and let that be your motivation for a year. Still making a quilt but with less pressure.
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Itís winter. Are your vitamin D levels low? That makes a huge difference in how you feel.
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We are getting our bathroom redone so, I am taking a break for a while.
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Originally Posted by catsden View Post
This has been going on for several months now. Have been quilting for about 20 plus years and the last few months have just not been able to produce anything. I am 74 now and all the relatives have something I have made. (Actually more than they probably really need.) That said I have also sold several things on Etsy etc. I have even QUIT quilt guild. I have a wonderful sewing room and a sit down machine. How do I get my enthusiasm back?

i've felt that way for months now. years ago, i quit all together, and started to do counted cross stitch. it was smaller and cheaper. then the bug bit me again. i think my problem and yours is you've run out of places to put things, so how about starting small, and making quilts for the NICU at your local hospital. they can be about 24x24. or move up to lap quilt size 40 x 40 for rest homes, and people in wheelchairs. Most churches and hospitals will love to get them. that way, you won't be so overwhelmed. let us know how you are and what you'll do.
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i like what bear said, things will continue as we rest from sewing.
doing small things helps. a lot of organizations, like churchs have Christmas fairs. our church has a table at their fair, and a friend makes all sorts of stuff for them to sell. it doesn''t have to be just for Christmas. other holidays are welcomed too. tomorrow will be here if you don't sew, and one day, you'll love it again.
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