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Stitch regulator question

Stitch regulator question

Old 06-21-2022, 04:17 PM
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Default Stitch regulator question

My professional longarmer has been very backed up as of late. I am starting to consider getting a midarm setup. But I have a question about stitch regulators. Does the stitch regulator need to match the machine, the frame or both? There seems to be some good deals if I buy the machine, the frame and stitch regulator separately, but I don't feel confident about being sure they will all work together.

Can someone explain how I would go about buying the machine, frame and stitch regulator individually. Thank you in advance.
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Old 06-21-2022, 06:23 PM
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It needs to match both.

The stitch regulator controls the needle up/down of the machine, so that's the machine part.

It does this based on the movement of the carriage, so that's the frame part.

You would need to choose a frame that offers a stitch regulator compatible with the machine you're using on it. Generally, the frame mfr provides the stitch regulator but only supports a limited number of machines.
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Old 06-22-2022, 03:59 AM
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I have a Janome 1600P on a small Grace SR2 frame, and had to purchase the stitch regulator separately from Sewing machines Plus if I remember right. The regular plug in must fit into your machine. When ordering you have to tell them if your machine has a two prong or three prong plug end. I'm talking about the part that plugs into the machine NOT the wall.
My machine only has an 11" throat for quilting....not much when you have to consider the amount of space that is taken up when advancing the quilt on the roll up bar. Quilting patterns are very limited knowing this. Also measure the length of your machine and find out if it will fit on the table carriage for the frame you choose.
Noot all frame manufactures provides a stitch regulator, but will offer one at an additional cost. At least this was my experience.
Oh...forgot to mention that stitch regulators run over $500 and they have been known to burn out. Also my experience!
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Old 06-22-2022, 04:07 AM
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yep, definitely need to make sure they all are compatible. I had a midarm, Viking megaquilter with an inspira frame and a stitch regulator for the machine. I did learn I liked long arming on it. At the time I paid about $3000 for it. The frame and machine each had it's issues. The neck on the machine was not very long and the way the frame was, I had to level my quilt each time I advanced it which was a process and by the time I was near the finish of a bedsized quilt, I only had about 4 inches to do the final quilting. Next I got a demo AOQS Lucey which is really a delight to quilt on. This machine has a 26 inch neck and I have plenty of room even at the end of a bedsized quilt. I would try out any set up first if you can, Also, if any quilt shop near you offers rental time on a long arm, I would encourage you to try that first. They usually require you take a class. This gives you an idea if you will actually like quilting. Also, will give you a chance to see what features you like. If you can get to quilt show that has venders, that is also a place to try out machines. I got my demo Lucey and bliss table (makes the whole machine easier to move while quilting) for about $11,000. Got a 12 foot frame which is plenty big enough for me. My 10 foot frame on the other set up limited the size of quilt I could do to about full sized, definitely not a large king. Good luck!
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Old 06-23-2022, 07:02 AM
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Thank you all for the helpful advice! I would much prefer to rent time on a longarmer, but unfortunately, I cannot find one in my area. @sewingpup I was looking at the Viking Mega Quilter / Inspira frame combo, but discounted it due the age of the machine and the lack of throat size; thank you for sharing your experience with this combo. . I was looking at a Juki TL model and frame combo.

I haven't come to any decision yet. I think I will look into renting time on a machine maybe at a makerspace or I expand my search criteria.

Thank you again for the advice. This forum is very helpful.
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