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Instructions for my OTTlite sleeve

Instructions for my OTTlite sleeve

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Default Instructions for my OTTlite sleeve

1 hour project!
Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional “pattern designer”. I play around when creating! So…feel free to alter dimensions, techniques, embellishments, etc.This is YOUR project, not a science project. ; )

I did not take pictures because I just put this together quickly. It took me longer to write out these directions!I hope that you will be able to visualize how I created this.It really is just a padded “sleeve” or bag to protect my OTTLite when packing it or placing it inside my TUTTO sewing trolley without scratching the machine or the light.Otherwise, I just wrapped the light in a hand towel. Yuck!


Walking foot

Foam Interfacing such as Soft & Stable, Bosal In-R-Foam or Pellon foam
25" piece of PARACORD (I purchase small skeins of this from a major discounter.
It comes in lots of colors!)

1 CORD LOCK. You can find these in the sewing notions.
Wonder Clips

CUTTING: Cut 2 pieces of fabric 16”W X20” H. One fabric will be your inside, the other ..outside.Pls. note the direction of cutting the piece taking into account directional fabric if applicable.
Cut 1 piece 16”W X20” H of your favorite foam interfacing.I used Soft & Stable.

Take your 2 fabrics and place them right sides together.Place them on top of the foam interfacing.Clip with Clover Wonder Clips on 3 sides:both 20” vertical sides and one 16” TOP side.Sew the three Wonder Clipped sides.Sew using a ” or ” seam allowance..your choice.I sewed ” to ensure that I caught all three layers.Clip the 2 corners on the diagonal and turn your piece inside out.Both fabrics will be right side out on the outside of the piece with the foam between the two fabrics.Push out the corners and lightly press.

Sew/baste the unfinished 16” bottom of the piece to catch all three layers.The purpose of this is to stabilize the 3 layers together.

Feel free to topstitch the TOP of the piece, if desired. The vertical sides will be your “finished” inside seams.
Folding right side together of the OUTSIDE fabric lining up the 20” vertical edge, use your Wonder Clips to clip the length of the sides. Sew the seam stopping 2 ” or 3” from the top of the piece and secure the end of this seam by sewing a secure end via reverse/forward.

Use your favorite method to BOX THE BOTTOM.I used the “cut out the box” method.I cut out a 2” box. I “centered” the seam prior to “boxing” the bottom.The link below has a very nice tutorial on both methods.Or google “box the bottom of a purse” to find You Tube videos and other tutorials.Both methods are very common so it will not be difficult to locate the directions that make sense for YOU!I did not see a need to demonstrate this since the web has lots of sources for this.If you just want to sew the bottom with a straight stitch, feel free!

The link below has a nice, downloadable tutorial for “boxing the bottom”.


I turned the top of the sleeve down 1” all around the piece and Wonder clipped it.I top stitched the edge around the circumference...This makes the channel/encasement to run the Para cord drawstring.

To keep the Para cord from unraveling, etc. take a match or BBQ lighter and singe the ends.
This will burn the white inside cotton thread and melt the outer poly covering to the thread and secure the ends.It is fun to watch!Do this in a ventilated area.No wind!Being careful, let the end cool for a few seconds and then while still pliable, mold the ends into a sharper point.Be careful!It may be HOT. Wrap the end of the para cord with a scrap of foil or something to keep from burning your hands.The point is needed to thread the para cord through the cord lock.

Using a safety pin, thread the Para cord through the top encased channel. Leave a generous length of the cord hanging out of both ends.Thread the two cord ends through the cord lock. Adjust the final length of the cord if you prefer.Add beads, if desired, and tie a knot on the ends of each cord to secure the beads.

DONE! Congratulations!

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Thanks for posting!
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I'm a little slow but just read this tutorial. Love your descriptions and thanks!
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