A concern & a heads-up

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Default A concern & a heads-up

Today we had our regular 6 month check up on on A/C by a very old & reliable company. After the tech finished he asked if he could use our bathroom so I showed him to the hall bath. Later, after he was gone, I went into our bathroom & noticed that the medicine cabinet door was open a bit. Now it doesn't have a latch & the spring hinges are old & don't "spring" anymore but I always keep the door to the cabinet shut. Makes me wonder if he opened the cabinet & if so, what was he looking for? Fortunately we don't keep any medication in our bathrooms (except for Tylenol). Just got me to thinking about people you don't know in your home on occasions like this.
If for no other reason, I posted this as a heads up for us in the future.
I really dislike the fact that I can't trust people anymore. It makes me sad.
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I learned a long time ago that prescription meds need to be in a secure spot in the home. My grandmother's pain meds were stolen from her bedroom night stand by an exterminator checking for ants. He was the only one in that room that day. We had no proof of course. The pain pill container was empty so she didn't realize the pills were gone until bedtime. Back then the pharmacy replaced the pills but now they won't do that. I doubt the Dr. would prescribe more either.
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Wow, that is a good reminder. I had some pain pills go missing a few years ago after I had surgery. I have no proof, but a 99.9% "gut feeling" who took them. Only two people were here that day, at separate times. DH and I didn't notice until later in the evening. We now secure meds in a place not accessible by visitors. Our adult children know, but not our teen-aged grandsons.
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My mother's prescription pain pills were stolen by her doctor's nurse. Since I was responsible for refilling her meds, I always checked to see if she had enough pills to last until I visited the next week. We always had to bring her meds when she had an appointment with her doctor. The nurse took the bag of prescriptions out of the exam room supposedly to record them in her chart. After we got home and I checked her pills again, I noticed some of her pain meds were missing. I notified her doctor. That nurse was fired. Never let anyone take pain pills out of your sight. You can’t trust anyone.
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My friend had pain meds disappear when carpet layers worked in her house. She’d been in the hospital 7 times in the previous 12 months & had a good supply, which she didn’t take much of. She’s so mad at herself for not destroying them.
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I don’t keep medications in the bathroom since it really isn’t a good environment for drugs. It is to bad that you can’t trust people any more.
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It is sad that you have to be so vigilant about people in your house. We have a powder room that I allow strangers to use. Never our bathroom. I also put all my jewelry away when I have any workers in the house.
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I've had that happen at parties. Just never know if they were looking for antacids, aspirin or something else. Either way, I don't keep prescription meds in the bathroom either. Not exactly handy but it's secure.
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Mine are always in my travel bag, never in the bathroom. Anyone thinking of that TV commercial from a few years ago?
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Mine are in my underwear drawer. I guess there is always the possibility someone has a pantie fetish. 🤷🏼‍♀️
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