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What type of dog,cat or other pet do you have
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2 Fur babies for me... Trooper - 100 pounds of lab mix... Sweet and friendly and Keegan - 30 pounds of Feisty English Bull Terrier Mix...

Guess who rules the roost?

I have always had dogs, but the only cat I ever had, he thought he was a dog.. begged, played fetch etc.
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I have a Himalayan cat. Very very spoiled...but so loveable.
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We have 2 small dogs.

Woofie is a long haired chihuahua who is 10 years old and isn't getting around too good lately. But he is still up for a long walk on the beach when we go even if he is walking crooked and "daddy" has to carry him sometimes. Woofie doesn't know that he is a dog.

And then we have PoohJoe. PoohJoe IS A DOG in all aspects. But hes a great dog and he is a poodle and is 8 years old now. We call him our Velcro dog as he thinks he has to be next to my husband at all times. He even sleeps with my husband and props his head up on my husbands knees. PoohJoe was adopted from a Vet that whos owner took him to to have him boarded while she was in the hospital and just a few days later the lady died. So Poohjoe was left and put up for adoption and my husband fell in love with him and that is how he became part of our family. Both dogs are certified companion animals through the VA for my husband.
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Rat Terrier, Sadie! Doesn't know she's a dog. Loveable, sweet and so.... easy to train. Great lap dog. Sit down and she's in your lap.
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I have one kittie cat.
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3 dogs, all heelers. Squaw my over achiever, 2 agility championships, a CD in obedience and an Rally excellent title. She is 8. Then there is Rex, 4 years old, a rescue who is in charge of making me laugh and he does a good job every day. Dally, 2 YO, also known as butthead. Very smart, very stubborn and always wants to fight with Rex. He is learning but he has been a challenge. Love them all and don't know how I would live without them. (dally is my avatar as a puppy and he is just as cute as an adult)
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One cat - your average DSH tuxedo cat. My little Gizzy Girl.
One dog - found as a stray - some kind of beagle, German Shorthair maybe Springer extermely lovable. Needs her "hands on Daisy" time every night and whenever else she can get it. Hates it when I am sewing because I am not paying attention to her. Goes and sulks but forgets she is sulking and falls asleep.
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I have:

Two inside cats - Bitty (white w/gray tail & top of head) and Willie (gray tabby with white feet, belly & nose).

One outside cat - Jelly (gray tabby with white feet).

Two big outside dogs - Ellie (3/4 Great Pyrenees & 1/4 yellow lab) and Sophie (3/4 Great Pyrenees & 1/4 border collie).
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Two dogs that think they're people.....both Shih tzu's - Rowdy, 11 year old brindle - extremely polite, just a great dog.......Jasper, 5 year old black - opposite of Rowdy....not polite, kind of naughty, but you just have to love him anyway.
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