I had this Kenmore (158.19141) on my bench. It needed a foot pedal. I had a foot pedal here from another (working) Kenmore (158.13410) and so I supplied it with the machine.

Little did I realise that the replacement is discontinued. I had intentions of donating the other machine to the Women's shelter, but I can't now without a pedal.

I have the cord for the Kenmore (I have the old failed pedal), and a Singer 3 wire Electronic pedal here, which is labeled with wire colors. I believe with that I could figure out what's hot, neutral, etc.

The Kenmore however is 3 black wires. No info.

Has anyone rewired a 3 wire electronic pedal? I'd like to know how to test the wires to make sure the wiring is correct. A 2 wire is simple, it's just a continuity test. The 3rd wire, I'm not sure what it is: neutral? Sense? Decoy?

I did see one youtube video that said to just isolate the one wire and use a 2 wire electronic pedal. Thoughts?