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Default Another Pfaff question

It seems likes there are a lot of Pfaff questions lately. I have one of my own. I just inherited a 1954 Pfaff 130. It sews just great, and includes the "coffee grinder" attachment for the built in decorative stitches. The problem is actually the steaigfght sttch. In order to straight stitch, the pointer in the centernof the machine has to point totally to the right. As I stitch, if you accidentally bump this lever, it moves and then I find myself zigzagging when I didn't want to. If I latch the lever in the notch underneath it locks into zigzag. Any suggestions? I'm thinking maybe the attachment needs to be taken off and cleaned, but I didn't want to attempt that unless it was necessary.
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I'm typing this for DH -since he won't post LOL!!

make sure the lower knob is not connected to the follower in the back. Move the dial all the way to the right, and loosen (turn counterclockwise) the screw right below the point of the dial. This will increase the pressure a bit and should keep it from moving to zigzag when you don't want it too.

My DH has the same setup. He said there is no positive stop on this, so it can move if you bump it. The bottom knob is only for engaging the backpack.
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*GREAT* looking machine. Lucky you!
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Thank you so much. I'll give that a try. And thanks for the kudos on owning the machine. I feel very fortunate. I am still trying tonlearn all of its ins and outs of operation, I have all the original docementauon, including the original warranty.
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I have the exact same machine, mine made around 1950 by serial number. It has the coffee grinder also, and I had the exact same issues. Are you anywhere near San Antonio? Not sure where Franklin is. There is a very well established dealer in San Antonio, named Gromes. I bought my Pfaff 130 there and have taken it back once over the years for servicing. It seems that the issue is taken care of.
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What a wonderful machine. This is the first one I have seen like it. Very nice.
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Macybaby, thanks for that information. I have a similar problem with my 130. But then I am always bumping something on it. I store the few extra bobbins I have on the crossbar and hit them regularly. I also knock my pincushion, scissors, seam ripper, etc. off the edge of the cabinet, so I think the problem is mostly with me.

Today I was sewing a patch on a karate kimono. That thing was so thick and unwieldy that objects were flying off all over the place! I was pleased that the machine could handle the project.
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I came across this thread today searching for a place to learn to restore my Pfaff 130. Although it is a year old- I wanted to share a link I found (that sounds like it could solve this problem) for those that might need it in the future.... If I am wrong, no harm no foul, I hope!
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