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new PfAff, new Bernina 710 or used Pfaff

new PfAff, new Bernina 710 or used Pfaff

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Question new PfAff, new Bernina 710 or used Pfaff

I have an embroidery-only machine (Babylock) and an older Bernina (with a large collection of feet). I would like a sewing machine with integrated dual feed. I was thinking of buying one of the new Bernina 710s (b/c of its integrated dual feed and ability to use a lot of my Bernina feet) but am reading of lots of problems with the 7 series. 'Started getting interested in Pfaffs and their IDT, except that the closest dealer is 100 miles away. Have seen quite a few Pfaffs on Ebay... the Select line and Ambition line. I've communicated with someone who would sell me an older 7530 for around $700 but I fear it might need servicing.... read about mother boards burning out, etc.

I'd like to begin quilting (learner) but mainly just am interested in a good machine to sew all types of fabric evenly. 'Would love to hear your advice.
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Old 01-04-2013, 10:55 AM
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I would go to your local dealer and test drive. They may have used Pfaffs with dual feed that they could sell you with at least a store warranty. I've not heard any negatives about the new 7 series Berninas. I've had tons of issues with my 8 series, but that's a completely different machine.

One of my most favorite Pfaffs with dual feed is a 1471, which can be bought for less than you've been offered for the 7530. I also really love my 1222 which is a wonderful machine. Any new Pfaff is currently under the SVP umbrella and is no longer made in Germany. Keep that in mind.
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If you like the way it sews, why don't you just get a walking foot for your older Bernina?
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Originally Posted by PaperPrincess View Post
If you like the way it sews, why don't you just get a walking foot for your older Bernina?
I agree dual feed is not necessary if you have a good walking foot. If you already have a nice machine with feet already why waste money on a new one with dual feed where you will have to get all new feet. A machine with dual feed and one without will take comepletely different feet even if they are the same brand because the feet will have to work when the dual feed is down so they have to have those openings.
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There is a difference in the Dual Feed/IDT than a Walking Foot. The walking foot is mainly when you are quilting - the dual feed/IDT can be used at all times. Personally I have found a huge difference in my piecing with the this feature - although it is true you do not have to have it to piece. You may want to take some fabric and spend some time on both the Pfaffs and the Bernina new 7 series. If the Pfaff dealer is not close enough do you have a quilt show coming up in your area? A lot of times the machine dealers are there and you could combine that with your quilt show experience. In addition to the dual feed the new Berninas also have an expanded throat area and the bobbin holds probably about 70% more than other machines (with the exception of the Bernina 820/830 although it does hold more than even those). I am not a Bernina dealer but have been looking at the 710/750 seriously. I have a 730 and am considering selling it and upgrading.

I really feel that with buying any machine how comfortable you feel with it is what closes the deal. I do have an older pfaff which I purchased before Bernina came out with the new 7's however, I have found that if something goes wrong (which of course it did) parts for the older machines are really hard to get. It seems that most of the manufacturers have quit making parts for the older machines getting us to buy newer ones.
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I have an 830 with the dual feed feet and love it!!!!
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I have an older Pfaff with IDT and a new Baby Lock without IDT and I will use the Baby hands down any time. Before I bought the Baby Lock, I actually bought a new Pfaff and that machine drove me to drink. I found the quality to be less compared to my older machine. I know that customer service and support has gone down since the company was bought out by VSP, so I would not buy a new Pfaff now.

I really expected to miss the IDT but I can honestly say that I don't. The Baby Lock has a wider feed dog with more contact points and it causes very little distortion (if any).

Can't answer about the Bernina because Nina and I do not get along well.

Good luck on your decision.
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I have an 2007 PFAFF 2056 with IDT - it literally has been 'on' since I have bought it. Pre-PFAFF I had a walking foot attachment - but it made my eyes buggy with the up/down action of the metal.

The IDT is so none noticeable - love, love, love it. But I think machine preferences are like coke vs. pepsi, cat vs. dog.
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Babylock has the Quest (maybe renamed by now) Pfaff let the patent on IDT expire. Whoever made the Quest got it right. They pulled the feed apart and adapted for that machine. I tried sewing some rather iffy samples (heavy glove type leather) on every machine I could try. Walking foot, teflon foot, none would sew right. A very basic Pfaff, and the Quest were the only two machines to handle the leather. Both had IDT

Unless my 2170 is using a foot with no cutout, the IDT is on.
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I really like my Pfaff machines. I have an older 7550 and a 2144. Both have duel feed. I have used a walking foot on the Viking machine at work and I really prefer duel feed. I can use duel feed with almost any foot I choose adn i love it for piecing. The walking foot seems bulky to me after having the duel feed.
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