Any own have a Dial N Sew?

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Smile Any own have a Dial N Sew?

Hello all! I'm Chrystal, and this is my first post. Don't think my machine is a "vintage" but it is not new, very very dusty, and been sitting a very long time. I have had it in my posession for about 8 years. It was my ex-husband mothers. That's all I know about it. I have been using it as a desk for my own mid-nineties machine, I got as a gift from my mother. Well, that machine has been driving me nuts for years, I constantly have to play with tension and can never seem to get a good solid stitch out of it.

Sorry, I digress lol. Point is, I remembered that I have a machine hidden under my "desk" just the other day, and when it comes to many things in life, the older stuff is better made. So, Today I unveiled her.... she is very intriguing looking, have pattern cams, which I know nothing about..., cleaned her up some, pluged her in, light still works. I have no idea when she was manufactured. I have been doing some research, can't find another single picture of her anywhere...

Questions for you..

1. Anyone know anything about this machine and how to "use it" lol

2. What should I do to prep her for her first run. I want to make sure I don't do anything to wreck her. What should I look for?

3. She has this "knee thingy" I have never seen a machine that didn't have a pedal??

Thank you for bearing with me, I have just started my research into this machine and came across this forum....were I have been stuck for hours..... lol

I am sure I sound completely clueless, that is because I am... I am in my mid thirties and have never used anything but was considered "modern".

Thank you for reading!
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Chrystal, First of all, welcome to the Board! You will gain a Lot of knowledge here and have a lot of fun as well.

That said, I would encourage you to try to post some pics of your machine so the folks who know the most about them can determine what you have and how to use it. Can't tell much from your description.

As for the "Dial and Sew", I assume that more than one machine was called that....we need to know who manufactured the machine, e.g., Singer, Pfaff, Brother, or should find a name somewhere on the machine, maybe across the front somewhere.

Good luck!

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I have no idea who manufactured it. I am working on uploading some pics now. From what I understand so far, from reading this site, it is most likely made in japan. Dial N Sew is the only name on the machine anywhere. The book says De Luxe instruction book. No dates on any of the materials. It does have a J C # and a J A # stamped on the underside of the rim.... Posting pics shortly.
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Ok. Think I got this photo thing figured out.
Attached Thumbnails sew1.jpg   sew2.jpg  

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Ok, Now I got it lol. Here are some more
Attached Thumbnails sew3.jpg   sew4.jpg   sew5.jpg   sew6.jpg   sew7.jpg  

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I've found a listing for a Dial n Sew model 49 on Craig's List and have been looking for information also. Tacony Corporation, the parent company of Baby Lock imported Japanese machines that were sold wholesale to sewing machine retailers. That sums up all I've found.
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I see that you have the instruction book. That is a plus. First, you should follow the oiling instructions and give her a good drink top and bottom. You have the top off so you should Grease the gear that you can see in the middle. Turn the hand wheel manually. Change the needle and start test driving her using your instruction book. I don't see any bobbins in your pile of goodies but the machine takes regular class 15 bobbins. The silver knob in front of the pillar raises and lowers the feed dogs.

Your machine is in very good condition and with all of the goodies. If you have never used a knee controller you will learn to love it. BTW, welcome and do post pictures of your progress.

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My first sewing machine was a Dial N Sew and I still have it. It doesn't have cams, but it has a dial on it and does a few stitches such as ZZ, blanket stitch, etc. I got it new from a door to door salesman I believe in 1979, but could have been 1980. It still works well and when I went to a sewing machine repair shop to purchase a walking foot a few years ago the owner said they were very good machines. I have never had it worked on, but have maintained it myself. I haven't used it for over a year now as I have gotten a couple of old Italian Necchi's that I just love.
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My mother had a Dial N" Sew. I have no idea where it is right now.:{ Have fun.
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Thanks for your replies ladies. Gonna oil her down this afternoon and test run her. Wish me luck! She turn really stiff manually so I am hoping that a good oiling will loosen her up.

Any idea when she was manufactured? 80's maybe? I think she is one of what you people call a "badged" machine? Am I correct or way out in left field here? lol
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