I originally posted this in the main section, but it was suggested I ask over here. I have a New Home NLC that I am thinking of stretching to give me an 18" harp machine for my quilting frame. I have been trying to research this, but all I have found is a site where the guys were talking about how to do it, but hadn't done so yet, a diagram of how vintage machines work, and the WOW Quilts website where they sell stretched 201s. That is all I can find though. My thought is to cut her in half and add 11" to the vertical and horizontal motion feed dog linkages, and the upper and lower drive shafts, then weld a plate to the bed to fill where it was stretched, and a pipe at the neck. My BIL is a fabricator, so I have faith in his ability to do this for me. Does anyone see a flaw in my plan? Any better info on doing this? The New Home NLC I believe is a 15 clone. There is almost no info available online. I have the original manual, but there are no dates in it. I believe she is pre WWII, but newer than 1930. She is gold and I'm hoping to preserve the design on the neck.