Assistance with identifying

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Question Assistance with identifying

Hi folks-

I'm having to clear my mothers estate and I'm hoping someone can help me with information on a Minnesota Model F treadle sewing machine. My search so far had not been very fruitful, however it has lead me here. We have found A, B, C, D, E, H and K but not F.

She also had a Pfaff treadle machine from 1909, that we are looking for information on.

One of these belonged to my great grandmother and we're trying to narrow down which one.

We are also going through several quilted spreads, cross stich samplers and quilted pillows. But those are for another day.
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Hopefully, someone in the family sews and can bring these wonderful machines back to their original use.

I think the the Minnesota F is what is considered a 3/4 machine and I believe that Davis was the company that actually made the machine. From my understanding the "F" takes a different size shuttle and bobbin from other Davis machines and is a hand crank machine. I believe that the C, which is a full size treadle, is the full size version of the F.

There is a page on needlebar that shows many of the earlier versions of the Pfaff.

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Some additional info regarding reducing images at post #4 and images for the scroll and upload button can be found at #5 of quilt block ID?

Another way to post pictures can be found at 2021/2022, 2.5 Birthday Swap
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Luckily my wife and both of my daughters all sew.

I'll have to post some pictures so everyone can see our beautiful machines.

The Minnesota that we have is clearly marked "Model F" and doesn't have a hand crank. It does have the base that locks into the treadle base.

As I progress through this adventure I'm learning the parts and terminology. I have it in Brighton Colorado if anyone wants to see it in person.
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Minnesota "F" Probably small machine Davis 1900s

Here's a mention of a Minnesota F on the website listed above. Interesting rabbit hole you sent me down. Good luck. I am looking forward to the pictures!
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