Blue Grass Sewing Machine

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Default Blue Grass Sewing Machine

I recently found a antique sewing machine wit a big label called "Blue Grass" with a internal plate that says "NSMCO Model B". If anyone knows anything about this machine I would love to know more, especially about how to care for and use it!

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You have a "badged" sewing machine made by National Sewing machine company. Companies would buy from the manufacturer and put whatever name they wanted to. Here are just some of the names that could be on a National made sewing machine I think you may find very similar machines that also could even have Montgomery Wards on it.

Here are a couple of links about National. and not very much at but it does link to the National Rotary machines at

There is a not very active group that used to be on Yahoo groups at

I believe your machine is probably from around 1935. I think that your machine may take an unusual needle system. Hopefully, jlhmnj (Jon) can verify which needles this machine will take. per his post on Needles and electrical parts for an Eldredge Rotary sewing machine you may be able to use 20x1 needles. There have been some that have dropped the modern domestic needles a bit so the eye is where it is supposed to be. Someone actually used a magnetic sheet cut to the correct length to use the 15x1 needles.

The manual for "Eldredge Improved Rotary B Manual" can be found at and will have oiling instructions.

Have fun with your 'new' machine.

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Heres another list over at VSS, based on the Needlebar list but working on more accurate documentation.

No Blue Grass so far but there is a Blue Ridge.
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