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Default eldredge two spool

I have an eldredge two spool sewing machine I was looking for more information on it. It has diferent patent dates on a silver plate on it from 1911-1913. If anyone can share any information that would be great.
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Obviously, the machine was made after 1913, per the slide plate, but I'm not so sure about the cabinet! There are others here that will know more!

Found this on the web:

Also a manufacturer of automobiles in the early 1900s, the National Sewing Machine Company was formed by the consolidation of two Illinois based manufacturers: the Eldredge and June companies.
The Eldredge Sewing Machine Company was originally located in Chicago, Ill, and manufactured machines from 1869 through 1890. Also located in Illinois, the June Manufacturing Company manufactured sewing machines from 1881 through 1890. The National Sewing Machine Company was formed in 1890 from their consolidation.

Machines in the company’s product line included both original designs and models copied from other manufacturers. However, unlike Singer or W&W, National only manufactured domestic use models. In 1924, the National sewing machine company bought all rights belonging to the Davis S.M. Company.

Most National sewing machines were “stenciled models’ manufactured for department stores, mail order companies, and retailers. By the mid-1920s, the majority of National-made sewing machines were sold in this way.

Like the other American sewing machine manufacturers, the National company suffered heavy losses with the introduction of European and Japanese sewing machines to the US market after the Second World War. National merged with The Free and the New Home companies in 1953. But the move was futile, and the resulting corporation could not keep up with the new competition and eventually went bankrupt in 1957.

--From The Encyclopedia of Antique Sewing Machines, 3rd Edition
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I can't help you with any information at all but I sure do like the foot bar (treadle bar?). I've got an Eldredge treadle too but don't know much about it. I need to spend some time looking up info on it - maybe one day soon. If I run across anything that looks like yours, I'll post the info.
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Does it really have a spool of thread for the bobbin? I didn't know National made Two Spools models with the Eldridge name. Very interesting!!
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I have an Eldredge Two Spools in a parlor cabinet with a treadle pedal that looks like yours, the feet. My cabinet is in much better shape. As Charlee stated, most likely made around 1913.

Welcome to the Quilting Board.
I noticed that this is your first posting on the quilting board and that you didn't give an introduction about yourself.
Do you own other vintage sewing machines?

The Two Spools sewing machine is a wonderful machine to use for quilt piecing.
Do you quilt? Some of us here love using our vintage treadles for sewing and quilting. A couple of us own and use our Two Spool machines for piecing our quilts. The sewing machine foot on this machine is the perfect 1/4 inch foot. The feed dogs are equal length; so, the fabric feeds through straight. This all makes for easy piecing.
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OOOOOoooo I love the treadle peddle.
OOOOOoooo I love the whole machine.
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Originally Posted by jljack View Post
Does it really have a spool of thread for the bobbin? I didn't know National made Two Spools models with the Eldridge name. Very interesting!!
Janice, Eldredege first made these machines. After F.T.June's death in 1890, the company became National.


The machines that say Eldredge were made by Eldredge.
Those that National made say National.

Both machines are the same, Two Spools, regardless if it says Eldredge or National. Yes, a second spool of thread is used in the "spool case" or sometimes referred to as "can".
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Nice machine.
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Lucky you. A two spools is on my wish list. Sorry I don't have any more information for you.
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What a wonderful piece of sewing history to have!
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