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if you could only buy one, which one? >

if you could only buy one, which one?

if you could only buy one, which one?

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Default if you could only buy one, which one?

In another post, http://www.quiltingboard.com/main-f1...e-t194571.html, I asked if this was a good deal. Now I may have the chance to buy a working, mid 1940s FW, priced under $180 for sure with case, bobbin cover, and all kinds of accessories. So the big question, if you could only buy one, which one would you get? Do either one of them do FMQing? Thanks for your input.
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I would buy it if I had a nice place for it.
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Old 07-14-2012, 06:58 AM
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I'm assuming BOTH! is not a good answer for you. Anyway, what would you like it to do?

Do you want to take it places? The FW is much more portable than the 66. That can be a drawback too if you want to quilt with it--it really is small! (My avatar shows my FW next to a 5 gallon bucket of strings. SMALL!) I get a kick out of my FW each time I get to use it. I can drag it to my mothers, set it up on a little old-fashioned typing table and sew away. However, I wouldn't attempt to FMQ large amounts with it. The closest I've come to quilting is making some mini potholders for my niece's play kitchen.

The 66 is much more sturdy and pieces well. It will have more room to manage larger pieces. It's not one I want to lug around. I also have fun with my treadled Red Eye. I haven't attempted FMQ with it. Some say the way the bobbin is situated (horizontal) makes it more difficult, but not impossible. I have tried FMQ with a 201 (same bobbin setup), and I seem to get better results from my 15 or 301 (vertical bobbins). Straight line quilting is just fine for me with the horizontal 66 bobbin setup.

It really depends on what you need...or what you fall in love with! FWs are really cute, and they can steal your heart quick. Remember, there are lots of vintage sewing machines out there, and they all seem to show up once you start looking. If you have the patience and are limited in resources or space and can only get 1, you might want to wait for a machine that would suit your needs better. (I personally would choose my 15-91 if I could have only one machine. A shortbed 301 with a cabinet would come in 2nd. Others would have different opinions).

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For this area, that is a very good price for a FW and I would buy it. (if I could afford it) I think every one should have a FW! But, it is great for piecing and so much fun, I don't think quilting would work well with it.
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If earthquakes or whatever and I could only save one of my machines it would be my SINGER 301A Slant Needle and hopfully its table.
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Originally Posted by SunlitenSmiles View Post
If earthquakes or whatever and I could only save one of my machines it would be my SINGER 301A Slant Needle and hopfully its table.
Boy howdy do I agree with that Sunny! Can't say enough good things about the 301. And talk about being great at FMQ!

But I'm keeping my eyes open for a good featherweight too... just 'cause they're so darn cute.

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I know nothing about vintage machines so sorry to say, I took my machine to be tuned up or un noised as the point maybe(don't have it back yet) At the lqs my hubby saw a lovely machine stand and decided I needed it. I told him I thought there was a machine in there. So he opened it and it was an Elgin.It had a leather drive belt. They wanted hundred dollars for both. An ideas Thanks so much

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Sorry to bother again.But if you needed to buy another machine to sew quilts and granddaughters dresses what would you get. I realize the broad spectrum .I really want a machine that i can just sew with. Thanks What do you all really use as your favorite go to machine.
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If you like the looks of the 66, buy it. 66's were a mid range machine when they came out and they were made for at least 40 years if not 50, Singer made millions of them. It isn't the best for FMQ, but for sewing clothes and piecing quilt tops it is very serviceable. Attachments are plentiful since it is probably a low shank machine - unless it uses back clamping attachments (not such a good thing since the back clamping attachments are pretty rare and expensive.)

Featherweights are cute. I have one and I occasionally use it for piecing. Would I quilt a quilt on it - no. It has a small harp and a small bobbin. I also don't believe it is suited for the task. My opinion only.

My go to machine for FMQ is a Singer 15-91. Durable, quiet running, and uses big class 15 bobbins. My second choice for FMQ would be, as others have said, a 301. The downside to the 301 is it uses the same small bobbin as the featherweight. It wouldn't be a deal breaker - who can't wind extra bobbins?!

I can't comment on which machine to use for sewing clothes because I don't sew garments - I know all of the ones you have mentioned were made with a seamstress in mind - so they would serve your purpose, unless you need zig zag or fancy stitches.

If your primary goal is FMQ, stick with a vertical bobbin machine. Learning FMQ is frustrating as it is - don't add to the mix by using a machine set up that isn't optimal for the task.
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I like my cheap, junky Japanese 15 clone for FM.
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