Just got my old friend

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Default Just got my old friend

I just got the 15-91 I learned to sew on. I learned to sew as a child making clothes for my doll. As I got older, I started to sew for myself. By high school, I made most of my clothes. Of course, it was my mom's machine, but I sewed a lot more than she did.

My Mom died last year after suffering several years with Alzheimer's disease. During that time, her husband and I got crosswise. I thought he would never let me have her machine. Finally, I offered to buy it. He said, "I've been wondering what I was going to do with it." When I went to get it this afternoon, I offered him money and he refused.

It's like an old friend. I could thread that machine blindfolded. It's pretty dirty and the shellac is beginning to deteriorate. Hopefully, it's not too dirty on the inside. I don't think my mom knew what an oil can was for, but she had it serviced every few years. I'll have to read all of Glenn's posts, now. This one is worth the effort. I bet it still hums.

The last thing she sewed was violet. It was still threaded and the bobbin was full.

I'll take photos tomorrow.

I'm so pleased. I looked up the serial number and it was allocated on my birth date.


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So happy it came back to you! Also glad that he made a move towards reconciliation. Bittersweet story. Thanks for sharing.
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I am so glad you got the machine. I am suppose to have my mom's treadle machine that had been handed down to her from her great grandmother. It is a Singer and I learned to sew on it. I'm glad your mom's husband let you have it.
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Then, I'm so glad it found it's way back to you. You sound like you made many happy memories on it. (Purple is my favorite color.) That is such a special thing to note. (The last color she used.) I'm so sorry for the loss of your mom.

I'm so lucky, my mom gave me the machine she learned on. Her mom's 1928 Singer 66. I just had her cleaned, tweaked and rewired. And she hums like a dream. "Ruthie" (named after her original owner, Grandma Hamm) has resided at my house for about the last 30 years. (Before I even learned to sew and quilt.) Now, she's up and running again.

Sew something that makes you happy on it!!

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I'm so glad your story had a happy ending. I don't have my mom's sewing machine but my DD has the first one I bought the first year DH & I were married. That makes the machine 52 years old. It's a very simple Singer that we paid $150 for.
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It was allocated on your birthday? Wow. It was totally meant to be yours. I"m glad it's home now.
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That is super cool it has your birthday.
That is so great you have the machine. Your story is almost like mine. I learned to sew on my mother's machine, also the 15-91, and I sewed on it until I got married. My older sister sewed a little bit on it, but mostly it was my mom and I that sewed for my sisters. (My oldest sister hated to sew - she just could not get into it. My other sister sews more now but in high school she was too busy - she was in band and debate club.) I was visiting my parents and somehow we got on the subject of the sewing machine, they were thinking about getting it out of the TV room it sat in since my mom didn't sew anymore. I said, Whatever you do don't get rid of it, of all the items in their house I wanted was that sewing machine. So my mom said, go ahead and take it now, and I did. I had driven up to WA that trip, we put it in the back seat and has been with me since. My daughters don't sew, but I do believe my youngest will keep it when I am gone. I can't worry about that. But I have it and I love it.
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I'm not sure if I want to work on the finish or just sew on it. Mother had someone come out and service it (not sure exactly what that means) about 10 or 12 years ago, so it shouldn't need much. I guess I should check everything, though. This morning, I'm more interested in sewing on it than anything. I guess I can just do a few things to reassure myself that it's working ok. The finish may be my project for Thanksgiving week when I'll be off work.

Thanks for your kind comments.

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Some things are meant to be. Clearly you are supposed to have that machine. I hope you enjoy the sewing and the memories.
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*** So Happy for You. Enjoy it.
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