Kenmore E Cams

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I so need a set as well unfortunate so many need I only have #1 and question myself if other similar yet higher might work
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I have not gotten a response from Vrolandelli.
If anyone else can use these cams and parts I will send them to the first person to pm me their address.
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I just finished restoring my Grandparents 1503. What a great machine. I also have been struggling with finding the proper cams and which will fit from other models and brands. I'm still learning so I'm in no rush.
So I should be searching for "E" Cams only?
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In my failed quest for type "E" cams I'm seeking a solution. From pictures it looks like "C" type cams are similar. I dont have any to compare but can someone who has both "E" & "C" type cams compare them and verify they are of the same outside diameter. If so I'm wondering if I only needed to bore out the inside hole on a "C" cam to fit and work as an "E" cam.
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Or even compare to a Singer flat disc
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I tried to find the difference between the Kenmore cams. I found that shows the different ones. I could not find where it came from. It appears that there are major differences between C & E. The E has a larger diameter center. The difference between the flat Singer cams would be the notch and holes for the pegs that would fit on the 'cam holder.'

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Yes, thats the photo I was using for comparison which lead me to believe I could modify the C cams center diameter to match the E Cam size. Its the outer diameter that may be different. I know the E cams are double sided but that shouldnt matter. What major differences have i missed? It seems the C cams are cheap and easy to come by.
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Default Kenmore E series flat cams

We also are searching for one double sided e cam #1081, or #1114. We have the other 6 cams for our model 158.850.
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I did manage to get a set of E Cams on ebay. My suspicions were correct in that the C cams can be modified to fit in an E cam machine. The shaft size on the machines is whats different so drilling out a C cam will then fit an E cam machine. But keep in mind that not all stiches will work because not all machines have the ability to do all disc designs. My 1503 doesnt have the capability to do patterns that require reversing via disc. (Did I explain that right?)
The Disc measures .9845 (inside diameter)
The shaft measures .9840 (inside diameter)
A 25mm drill bit is .9843 (outside diameter)
A 63/64" drill bit is .9844 (outside diameter)
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